Where: The Seagull Room, Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

When: May 28, 2017 from 11am to 3.45pm and afterwards on the beach (weather permitting)

Cost: $99 early bird special until April 28

At this workshop lead by Yasmin Boland, you will learn:

The 3 best ways to work with the Moon spelled out in a clear, concise and easy to follow way so you can start predicting and manifesting straight away

The #1 best way to predict what is coming up for you in the 4 weeks after the New Moon You will master a ridiculously simple technique for working out where the focus of your life will be in any given four-week period. You will know what to expect.

The 12 pieces of information you need for how to work with the New Moon in all 12 signs You don't need to be an astrologer. You will quickly come to recognise and understand the 'flavour' of each New Moon over the course of a year, and how to use it for your own benefit and to help others benefit too

The #1 best way to manifesting with the New Moon to create your dream life This is literally potentially life-changing and taps into secret information that witches and magicians have used for years.

Early bird discount price expires in...



Find out how you can get anywhere you want in life

If you know what want but you just can't work out how to make it so, I have a suggstion for you:

Wish on the New Moon

20 years of using this method and teaching others to do the same shows me it works. 

Can anyone do this? Actually maybe not. 

You have to already know or even just sense that somehow, you're forward-creating their life. 

>>> If you know you're forward-creating your own life, this is the time to start to do it consciously! 

The easiest and lovliest way to do this is to do as women have done for millenia and set your intentions, express your desires and make you wishes at the time of the New Moon. 

Whatever you want, if you truily believe you can create it, you will. For better or worse, by the way! 

You will feel so much more *powerful* once you start to work with the New Moon once a month. Wait and see. 

The monthly New Moon will also help you to plan and even start to make predictions about your life.