Where: The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Pl, Marylebone, London W1U 8EA

When: July 23 from 10am to 4pm with one hour for lunch. Please arrive in plenty of time to register. Doors open at 9.00m.

Cost: £45 early bird special until July 1 then £50. Coming with a friend? You get a discount.

Every particpant receives a copy of this unique poster

this workshop lead by astrologer and moonologer Yasmin Boland, you will:

Learn how to work with the 12 - 13 New Moons of the year, every year by exploring the 12 astrological 'houses' of your chart. We will look at the New Moon which is taking place on the day of the workshop and with that as your basis, you will have template for future New Moon ceremonies forever.

We will make our New Moon wishes for the New Moon on the day, set our intentions and committments. You will learn how the New Moon works with the Law of Attraction.

We will also be taking a close look at the New Moon and Full Moon eclipses coming up in August. You will learn how to delineate every New Moon in relation to your own personal birthchart, which is based on your time, date and place of birth.

Get first access to register in the free follow up webinar to be held in August. Participants will get an early registration alert. 

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? This workshop is for people at the start of their astrological and moonological journey. We will be exploring the Houses of the birthchart and the way the New Moon triggers your chart every month. We will then look at how to put those factors together to make plans, work with the Law of Attraction and make predictions for yourself and others. No previous astrological knowledge is required. 

Early bird discount price expires in...


If you know what want but you just can't work out how to make it so, I have a suggstion for you:

Wish on the New Moon

20 years of using this method and teaching others to do the same shows me it works. 

Can anyone do this? Actually maybe not. 

You have to already know - or even just sense - that somehow, you're forward-creating your life. 

>>> If you know you're forward-creating your own life, this is the time to start to do it consciously! 

The easiest and lovliest way to do this is to do as women have done for millenia and set your intentions, express your desires and make you wishes at the time of the New Moon. 

Whatever you want, if you truily believe you can create it, you will. For better or worse, by the way! 

You will feel so much more *powerful* once you start to work with the New Moon once a month. Wait and see. 

The monthly New Moon will also help you to plan and even start to make predictions about your life.