Please join me for a magical and uplifting day of information and inspiration...

Where: The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Pl, Marylebone, London W1U 8EA

When: July 23. Doors open at 9.00m. Workshop starts at 10am. This workshop will be taking place at the very time of the July New Moon. To tap into it, we will be chanting and then making our wishes plus meditating at the time of the New Moon. So please be on time! There will be one hour for lunch. Workshop ends at 4.30pm. 

Cost: £45

Every particpant gets a copy of this poster.

You will also get first access to register in the free follow up webinar to be held in August. Participants will get an early registration alert.  

Seats are strictly limited (only 50 available) as it's a small room so book fast!

In this workshop lead by astrologer and moonologer Yasmin Boland, you will:

Perhaps most excitingly for those new to this process, we will start the day by by tuning into the New Moon taking place on the very morning of the workshop. We will harness the group energy and use three magical techniques to boost your New Moon manifesting abilities. 

You will also learn how to work with the 12 - 13 New Moons of the year. It' really is easy once you know how. Henceforth, if you hear the New Moon is coming in sign x or y, you will be able to work out what that means for you, where you're getting a new start and what you can expect from the four weeks which follow. New Moons are all about new starts. With the New Moon, you can plan, predict and create your life.  

You will therefore have a template for future New Moon ceremonies forever.

You will learn how astrology in general and how the New Moon in particular works with the Law of Attraction.

 We will also be taking a close look at the New Moon and Full Moon eclipses coming up in August. You will learn how to decode every New Moon in relation to your own personal birthchart, based on your time, date and place of birth.

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WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? This workshop is for people at the start of their astrological and moonological journey. We will be exploring the Houses of the birthchart and the way the New Moon triggers your chart every month. We will then look at how to put those factors together to make plans, work with the Law of Attraction and make predictions for yourself and others. No previous astrological knowledge is required. We will also be doing some chanting and meditation. 


9am: Doors open for registration. Get a sticker with Rising Sign. If you have forgotten to print your chart out, we can do it for you now, for £5. (The fee is to discourage people from doing this as we would rather you did it at your end before you get to the workshop if you can please! However some people don't have printers…)  

We will also be offering a special printed and laminated version of your chart if you would like this. They are made using Solar Fire software.  

You will also be able to buy a copy of some of my books before 10am and I will be delighted to sign them (or any you already have) at the very end of the workshop.  

10.00AM: Coming together as a group. Call in the angels and Goddesses. Meditation.  

A very brief explanation of how the New Moon comes about. The Earth goes around the Sun and at the same time, the Moon goes around the Sun. What is the Sun and what is the Moon, scientifically-speaking? What are they astrologically-speaking?  

A brief but important guide to HOUSE RULERSHIP - you need this to decode all future New Moons for yourself

10.30AM: NEW MOON WISHING CEREMONY AS THE NEW MOON TAKES PLACE. Writing down our wishes – using New Moon Info Sheets. Special techniques to boost your manifesting. FAQs about New Moon wishing. Please note the New Moon takes place at 10.45am so you won't want to miss this!  

We will also talk about  

1. How wishing works with the law of attraction - it's all in how you do it  

2. Does it matter which sign the Moon is in when you make your wishes?  

3. Why we should say Om Namo Narayani  

LEARNING ABOUT YOUR CHART - your Rising Sign and why it matters  

1-2pm - LUNCH BREAK – please note that lunch isn't provided but there are sandwich places nearby  


1. Teach you how to work out where in your chart the New Moon is taking place, this month and every month  

2. We will then learn about the day's New Moon and what it heralds  

3. We will also learn about the New Moon eclipse in August and what it means overall and what it means for YOUR chart  

4. Plus we will look at the Full Moon eclipse in August and see what it is bringing – how to use it to plan, predict and create your life  

End of day chanting and meditation  

Book selling and signing

Please choose from 1 of 2 options

Please join me for a magical and uplifting day of information and inspiration...