New Moon Workshop in Bondi on May 28 

with Yasmin Boland

Learn how to make predictions for yourself (and others) with the New Moon

May 28, 2017 | Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

One of the most wonderful aspects of learning astrology is that you can read your own chart, rather than relying on other people to read it for you. These days, with the advent of modern technology, it's easier than ever to get into some DIY astrology. 


In this workshop, I am going to teach you how to work out where the monthly New Moon is taking place for you so you can start to make predictions for yourself. 

Wherever the New Moon activates your chart from month to month is where you have a chance of a restart, where there is a lot of energy for the coming four weeks and where you have the chance for change as well as other opportunities. 

Following the New Moon around your chart is one of the easiest ways to start to learn astrology and to make predictions for yourself. If this is something you would like to do, join us on May 28!

Cost: Save $21 when you buy an earlybird ticket for just $99

You'll discover; 

• Techniques that will help you develop your ability to shape your life with your intentions 

• How the New Moon can support your spiritual development 

• Meditations that will help you to tune into each cycle of the Moon 

• How to help friends, family and clients to also connect with the Moon so they can live their best lives 

• How the New Moon is actually a mini-restart for you every single month, in a new part of your life 

• How to make a profound connection with the heavens and the cosmic realms via the Moon 

• Affirmations developed to tap into the energy of the Moon through all the 12 zodiac signs over the course of a year 

• What it feels like to direct your life by – paradoxically – surrendering your New Moon wishes and intentions to the Universe once a month 

• If you’re ready to move beyond life in 3D and start to experience life at a high frequency, they this workshop is for you. I will also be doing reading on the day! 



"Yasmin Boland is probably the greatest living astrological authority on the Moon. Yasmin knows her stuff."

- Kind words from Jonathan Cainer... my old friend and very unofficial beloved teacher 


The WORKING WITH THE MOON workshop will give you access to profound, ancient teachings used by wise women for millenia. This information is so powerful, women were once persecuted for it! 


10:45am: Start to gather outside the Pavilion. Weather depending, we will either go to the beach or stay sheltered to do a meditation together.

11.15am: Go up to the Seagull Room and settle in

11.30am the Workshop begins with a guided meditation

11.45am - 1pm: During this time we will talk about the basics of the Moon's journey through the heavens every month. How the daily Moon affects us all. How it works against our charts. And how the Full Moon 'happens'. 

3: How long the Moon stays in each sign and so on

4: How your personal horoscope is divided up into Houses and what they mean 

5: How to tell which House the Daily Moon is affecting 

6: How to tell which House the Monthly New Moon is affecting 

7: How to add some awesome Cosmic Extras to your New Moon practise. This will connect you with the angels, Goddesses, your chakras, and more! 

8: How to create a 12 month plan that works with the New Moon 

1pm - 1.30pm: Lunch - your time to go outside into a hopefully bright and sunny day. There are cafes all around for you to buy some lunch and drinks. I will remain in the room for most of the half hour to answer any questions you might have. I will also sign any books of mine which you already have or would like to buy on the day. 

9: 1.30pm - 3pm: During the second half of the workshop, we will be looking at the New Moon in general and New Moon manifesting and wishing in particular. Questions to be answered from an astrological point of view will include: 

10: Why the New Moon can be a rather weird time for us emotionally 

11: How to 'use' the New Moon - it's a time to set intentions 

12: Why do intentions work? 

13: Is a quick New Moon session better than no session at all? 

14: The power of working in groups 

15: How the New Moon works through the Houses of your chart 

16: We will then set our New Moon intentions and wishes for the month ahead in a beautiful 20 minute ceremony 

17: How the Full Moon and the New Moon go together like yin and yang 

QUESTION TIME 3pm - 3.15pm: We will have 30 minutes for questions. During this time I hope to be able to answer at least one question for every participant. Bring some questions with you! And I am sure you will come up with some on the day. 

GUIDED MEDITATION 3.15pm-3.30pm: We will close our session with a guided meditation - please note you are welcome to ask friends and family to join in with this part of the day's events! There is no charge to attend this part of the proceedings! 

  • As a part of your entry fee, you will receive a New Moon Wishing Guide to take home 
  • You will be sent access to our free Full Moon Forgiveness Kit two weeks before the workshop so that you can do your energetic clear out in advance of the New Moon workshop 
  • You will receive a handout with all the New and Full Moon times for 2017 to work with 
  • You will receive 12-month planner to use with your personal chart 
  • There will be other goodies on the day

About me...

Journalist turned astrologer and New Age writer, Yasmin Boland, has been scouring the skies for insights for over 15 years. Passion turned to profession when she realised just how much the astrological ‘weather’ affects everyone, herself included, and she started writing about it. 

As a result, she’s now read by millions of people each week via her astrology and New Age columns in publications including the Sunday Telegraph and Red. She writes the daily Stars for Yahoo! Australia and New Zealand, and for various US and UK magazines and websites, including Red, Soul & Spirit and Chat It’s Fate. She writes or has written columns for publications and websites in Indonesia, Japan (where she has a growing following), South Africa, Malaysia and Abu Dhabi, and as a result has followers across the world. 

For four years, she wrote the monthly Stars (under her own name) for the late, great Jonathan Cainer’s site. Her website is one of the most popular horoscope sites on the internet globally, with around 765,000+ page views a month and 140,000+ dedicated UUs. She has a strong social media base with 26,000+ friends, fans and followers on combined Facebook and Twitter accounts. Her mailing list currently tops 90,000 subscribers. 

Yasmin takes her craft seriously, and as well as having completed formal journalistic training early on in her career, she’s also studied at the UK’s prestigious Faculty of Astrological Studies. She’s a member of the Sydney Astrological Research Society (SARS) and in 2009 she presented seminars on “Fixed Star Algol, Medusa and the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine” at SARS and the Astrology Association of New South Wales (AANSW). In 2011, she presented seminars on Astrology and the Law of Attraction. In 2013, she will present a talk to the Astrology Association of New South Wales (AANSW) about “Angels and Astrology”. 

Yasmin is often called upon to comment on the stars on television and radio and has appeared or been interviewed on the Channel 9 Mornings show, Weekend Sunrise, The Today Show, Mix FM’s Body and Soul show, i98FM and more. In 2016, she hosted two very successful 6-episode runs on Hay House Radio. 

She has been interviewed many times in magazines including Spirit + Destiny and Soul and Spirit in the UK and the Sunday Telegraph in Australia. 

She’s also the author of several books – two novels, one non-fiction and two series of astrology books – published in Australia, Canada, India, Portugal and the UK. 

In March 2014, her book Angel Astrology 101, co-authored with best seller Doreen Virtue, was published and quickly went to number 1 on the, and astrology best sellers lists. 

Her latest book Moonology – working with the magic of lunar cycles – published this year on July 5 did the same. Both books have been translated into many languages, including French, German, Japanese, Turkish, Estonian, Polish, Czechoslovakian and more.


I have been passionate about working with the Moon in general and the New Moon in particular for literally years. Actually I think it first started for me when I was on holidays in Thailand in the 1990s. I wasn't into the idea of going to the Full Moon parties and getting trashed. But I did love sitting on the beach near my hut over the period of a month, watching the Moon getting bigger and bigger and bigger and then smaller and smaller and smaller. From that vantage point, I had the most awesome chance to see the full panoply of the lunar cycle. 

Then in 2005, I went to the Sri Narayani Peedam temple in India for the first time. This took my life to the next level. I discovered the Goddess! In fact, I had had people trying to lead me to the Goddess for the years! The first time I met (and spent 3 hours one-on-one with) Deepak Chopra in 1999, he gave me a Goddess book to take away with me. I was quite perplexed - I had no connection or interest in the Goddess, as far as I knew! And when I met my co-author Doreen Virtue for the first time, literally the first thing she said to me was "Lovely Goddess energy!" 

As it happens, I also have the Moon conjunct my MC which makes it the most visible planet in my chart and also explains why my career rests upon a website called Moonology. Sure, I started my professional life as a journalist but I think that was just to give me the confidence needed to write for you and for newspapers and magazines, with a feeling that I am trained and therefore 'know what I am doing'. 

So put all that together and I have learned a lot about the Moon over the years, I have written a lot ab out the Moon and now I am ready to share it with you


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