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  • New Moon and Full Moon times for May 2016
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  • Think about what you would like to have most in the world. What springs to mind? To ask a similar question another way, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What are you dreaming of? Click here to read...
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  • As I mentioned yesterday, I just went into Hay House and I walked out with three really brilliant books which I will be sure to read and report back to you about!
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  • The Top 5 Things To Do With New Moon in Taurus...
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  • Here are the New Moon times around the world: New Moon at 17 degrees in Taurus SYDNEY: May 7, 5.29am LONDON: May 6, 8.29pm MONTREAL/NEW YORK: May 6, 3.29pm AUCKLAND: May 7, 7.29am PARIS: May 6, 9.29pm The top 5 things to do with the...
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  • I just went into Hay House to do the second-to-final edits on Moonology with the awesome Julie who works in the London office.
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  • A few years ago at a Hay House event in London, lead by Doreen Virtue, I had a reading with someone, as a part of the day’s events. This person had no idea of my name or anything else about me. She was...
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  • I recently aimed to do the Shedding The Weight free course from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey however I was travelling and didn’t manage it. What I have done here is combined all the emails they sent me. I’m going to go through them...
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  • So here comes what you could call a very intense Full Moon!
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  • All the New and Full Moon times for April 2016 - plan and predict your life with the Moon!
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  • This event this week on Wednesday night in Sydney is being run by some wonderful friends of mine - come along!
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  • THE BIG NEWS OF THE MONTH… for all of us… The big-astro news of the month is that the sex and drive planet Mars will be doing one of its rare retrogrades. What this means is that… * Mars will stay on one...
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  • NEW MOON IN ARIES: So here we are at the start of a new lunar cycle. The April New Moon takes place in the sign of Aries. If you want to know what that means for your personal chart (and personal life) then...
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  • This week brings a Full Moon eclipse. That alone is something. If you have spent any time watching your own astrology, you will already know that eclipses are peak periods, energetically. If you’re not affected someone else is. And it makes life quite...
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  • If you can do an emotional clear out now, you will be ten times more able to manifest your dreams in two weeks' time when we get the New Moon.
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