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Yasmin Boland has more than 15 years experiece working as an astrologer.

She has taught astrology all over the world, including lecturing to her peers. Yasmin is also a Hay House best-selling author of books including Astrology and Moonology.

In this mini-astrology course, Yasmin draws on her years of experience to teach you how to start to tap into and understand the wealth of information contained in your chart.

You'll also be directed to a site where you can cast your chart for free so you can better follow and use all the information in the course.  

Want to learn astrology? 

Then sign up for this 3-part mini video course on astrology! It will be delivered to you by email, completely free of charge. 

It's perfect for complete novices or anyone who has only just started out on their astrolgical journey. 

The information in these videos is very simple and yet will enrich your astrolgical know-how instantly, giving you new insights into your own and other people's personality traits. 

Included in this free course:

New layers of information connected to your Star sign - some of this information (about elements and quadruplicities) will almost certainly be fresh to new students 

The meaning of your Moon sign. Your Moon is one of the most personal planets in your birth chart. Find out what where yours is and what it means

Information about all 10 planets in your birth chart based on your time, date and place of birth. You find out what all 10 represent