Working with the Magic of the Lunar Cycles 

Get in tune with yourself and the planet, and make your dreams come true, using the Moon as cosmic timer.  

This book explains how you can do that simply and easily.

You’ll Learn How To:


New Moon Wishing, Intention Setting and Commitment making lies at the heart of the Moon manifesting techniques you will learn about in this book.  

Full Moon forgiveness + gratitude are the other lesser-known but crucial secrets of the manifesting process..

Learn what the New Moon and Full Moon mean though all the different signs and follow them as the year unfolds. What are the energies associated with the New Moon in Aries versus the New Moon in Scorpio, for example? So next time you hear it's - say - New Moon in Virgo - you will know what that means.

Go one step further and discover how each New and Full Moon affects your own personal chart - no maths at all required! Every New and Full Moon triggers your chart. The New Moon brings beginnings and the Full Moon climaxes. Is the new New or Full Moon boosting your Love Zone, your Travel Zone, your Career Zone? 


You will also learn about the "Cosmic Extras". This section teaches you about the energies of each lunation, which chakras are aligned with which sign, which essential oils to use, mantras to chant and which Archangel and Goddess is guiding you each month.

For many, this is one of the most magical parts of the book which sets is apart from all others. You will learn, for example, which chakras goes with with Moon. If you work on all the Moon's over a month or a year, you will have worked with 12 Archangels, 12 Goddesses and all your chakras.

This builds on the work I did with my co-author Doreen Virtue in our bestselling book Angel Astrology 101. Let astrology guide you out into the heavenly realms! 

Moonology reached #1 on's and #4 on's astrology bestseller lists, July 2016

You will also learn about the 8 Moon Phases

1. The New Moon

2. The Cresent Moon

3. The First Quarter

4. The Gibbous Moon

5. The Full Moon 

6. Disseminating Moon 

7. The Third Quarter 

8. The Balsamic Moon

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"Yasmin Boland is probably the greatest living astrological authority on the Moon. Buy this book... Yasmin knows her stuff."

Jonathan Cainer 

Beloved, Legendary Astrologer

“I absolutely love the book. I can’t put it down!!”


Wellness Blogger

"I could not wait to get my hands on Yasmin's new book & it was worth every minute of the wait! This book is SO easy to read, hits all of the key points of moon living, includes some very interesting things I didn't know before, & the information is useful for beginners and advanced astrologers alike."

Jennifer Lopez 

Astrologer, Owner & Founder 

"Fantastic! So comprehensive and solid. Will be a great read for beginners and gives them enough to really go deeply into the chart, plus there is lots of extra info in there for intermediate students too.”

Kelly Surtees

Astrologer, Teacher, Writer

About the author: Yasmin Boland

Journalist turned astrologer and New Age writer, Yasmin Boland, first heard her calling one Sunday night in south London. She was alone in her bed, unkempt, sipping beer from a bottle, dreading going back into her so-called 'glamourous' TV job the next morning. Clearly something had to change. At the time she was an assistant producer on a late night youth tv show on Channel 4 ('The Word') and to say the job drove her to drink is not a stretch! Once the series was over, Yasmin knew she needed a tool to help her to handle the work stress she had just experienced. So she called up her local Buddhist centre and arranged to learn meditation from a kindly man named Werner. That teaching lead Yasmin on to a totally new life path which included soul searching, spiritual seeking, more meditation practices, including transcendental meditation (TM), connecting with her Hindu spiritual teacher in India and the Goddess, and eventually a career as a fulltime atrology and New Age writer.  

As a result, Yasmin is now read by millions of people each week via her website and her astrology and New Age columns in publications including the Sunday Telegraph, Yahoo! Australia and New Zealand, Spirit and Destiny, Soul & Spirit, Chat It's Fat and Closer and Red. 

She’s also the author of several Hay House books. Yasmin's 2014 book Angel Astrology 101, co-authored with Doreen Virtue, went to number 1 on the, amazon. com and astrology best sellers lists. Her 2016 book Moonology; working with the magic of lunar cycles also became a number 1 amazon astrology best seller. So far Yasmin's work has been translated into French, German, Turkish, Taiwanese, Polish, Estonian and Dutch. 

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