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Hi there,

If it’s your first time here, welcome! It’s wonderful to meet a new person who has an interest in the Moon. Please get in touch on my Moonology Facebook page or my Yasmin Boland Facebook page. or on Twitter or Instagram or check out my channel on YouTube.

So – you may ask … what is Moonology good for? Or even, what’s in Moonology for me? A fair question!

The Moon phases are as important as the chakras, the meridians, good, preferably organic food, good sleep and sex and meditation. That is my opinion, in any case.

There are just some things which you simply know on a profound level are important in this mystery that is 3D life on earth, as spiritual beings have our human experiences. Astrology is a part of this matrix, as is Moonology.

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Moonology means working with the Moon; it’s a way of decoding the mood, the prevailing emotions, the opportunities arising and the astrological weather overall.

There are 3 main words that come up again and again in Moonology


CREATE – make New Moon wishes and create your life

PLAN – watch the New Moon and Full Moon around your chart and plan accordingly

PREDICT – as above!

There are two main cycles to be aware of. The Waxing Cycle (New to Full) and the Waning Cycle (Full to New).

* The Waxing Cycle is for getting started and motivated

* The Waning Cycle is to relaxing, sharing info, accepting, moving on if need be, and above all else, for forgiving.

Ways to tune into the astrological weather each week on Moonology.

The aim of Moonology is to offer you a resource which gives an overall guide to the feel of a day.

You can read this in 3 main ways!


Every day on the site you will find a Daily Moon Message which tells you

  1. Which sign the Moon is in
  2. Which phase the Moon is in
  3. How best to use the energies
  4. If there are any pitfalls to watch out for

In the Daily Moon Messages, you get a chance to meditate, so to speak, on the daily Moon, where she is and what she is doing with the planets and also what the planets are doing with each other.

There are 7 Daily Moon Messages a week and you can subscribe to receive them here.

2. Plus we have our New and Full Moon Reports which give you news about the main lunar cycles of the month.

3. Plus we have the New Moon Info Sheets and  Full Moon Info Sheets, designed to help you go deeper into the creating, planning and predicting.

4. And if you want to go the whole hog, check out my international best-selling book Moonology (Hay House). Note that a lot of the into in the Info Sheets comes from the book, so they are a great starting point or taster.


The most frequently asked question on this site from readers – after love and money questions left here – is:

Should I Read My Moon Sign or My Star/Sun Sign

The correct answer is you should ideally read your Rising Sign, if you know it. (If you don’t but you would like to, please click here) These horoscopes are written using Whole Sign Houses fyi. If you can’t be bothered to work out your Rising Sign or you just can’t find your birthtime, read your Sun sign also known as you Star Sign.

The daily horoscopes are written by some of the most amazing astrologers around,the aforementioned AllStarAstrologers team and by me. In time I hope to develop that site too as a place where you can buy the eBooks of all these amazing writers.

I also have two online courses coming out too, one on astrology and one on Moonology, so please stay in touch for those too!

You can find me at

www.facebook.com/yasminboland this is more me being me which includes being cosmic and astrological but a lot else besides. You can also get my monthly New Moon Facebook lives on here though I may soon switch to webinars.

www.facebook.com/yasminbolandsmoonology is pure astrology – really just a feed of every post which gets published on my site here

www.twitter.com/yasminboland I must confess that although I enjoy Twitter, Facebook is more my thing – my feed is mainly links to posts on my blog – hope you enjoy them!

www.instagram.com/moonologydotcom I am someone who likes to write in my pjs and have a bath at 4pm so I am never going to be body inspo on here however I do like healthy food and travel so you will see a bit of that as well as the odd astrological musing on there too. I probably do need to up my Instagram game!

The last thing I would like to mention is that if you want to read about my book Moonology then you can do so here!

I am extremely grateful to everyone who supports Moonology – it’s a wonderful thing to be able to write about and making a living from, and I am at your service as much as I can be.

Thank you for dropping by!

Yasmin xox

For those of you still reading…

My current plan is to move more and more into Moonology on this site and to set up a new site called AllStarAstrologers, so called because it features nearly all the best astrology writers I know on the internet, all writing under their own name. They are amazing and awesome! Some of them might even actually do the writing for some of the most famous astrologers whose names you know. I know I have been asked to ghost-write for some big names still writing today.

We will offer great horoscopes as well as the highest quality eBooks and possible charts. We are already working on our first guide The Mercury Retrograde guide… stay tuned for more information!

If you’re a great astrologer and writer and you think you have something to offer the AllStarAstrologers team, drop me a line. The feeling is cosmic, mystical, sacred and a little irreverent. We don’t usually do 100% straight astrology, we tend towards the warm and fluffy. No one needs to be scared. Astrology is just a sign post along our way to help us as we create our reality. If you are making your wishes at a time when the cosmic collective is making its wishes, your wishes are going to be stronger.

I believe astrology is important but it is part of a bigger picture. I am very much on the spiritual path, I am strongly connected to God/dess and the Archangels.

I incorporate that connection into my writing – it’s the ideal chance to think and research my favourite topics. I have co-authored a book with Doreen Virtue called Angel Astrology 101. Also the other day while I was having a candlelit bath (highly recommended for angelic communications) I had a strong urge to keep writing with the angels and about the angels and to combine it with the Moon so stay tuned for that in 2017.

I wish you all good luck and I will offer you what I know. I have done a lot of one-on-one readings in the past and they are great, but I prefer to write about astrology – always have done. So if you have any eBooks you would like to see, please do drop me a line! Perhaps I can have one tailor-made to answer your question.

Yasmin x

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