* Do you love to read your Daily horoscope?

* Do you feel connected to the New Moon and the Full Moon?

* Would you like a better idea of what to expect every day, week and month?

* Do you want to make your dreams come true?

* Do you want to feel more connected to the Goddess and Mother Earth?

If the answer is yes, then you and I have a lot on common! For the past 15 years or so, I have spent my life - pretty much every day - getting in touch with the Moon and the Goddess. 

I look at the daily Moon sign to give me an idea of the day's energies, to guide me in my meditations, to assist my chanting and to help me to work on my chakras. 

But like everyone, I need help to stay on my path! And this is where the Moon Club comes in.

The Moon Club is the Members Area of my site. It was launched in 2012 and is all connecting readers with the Moon while also giving you the best possible value for your money.

In fact, we have tried to make it such good value that you would be mad NOT to sign up! Signing up makes sense! 

As well as getting your Daily Stars delivered to you daily, you will get so much more! See below for the details.

Membership for one year costs $108 - that's around $2 a week. In the UK, that’s about £1 a week based on the current exchange rate. Bargain!


A message from Moonology's Yasmin Boland: 

The biggest thing I want to offer you when you sign up for the Moon Club is a chance to really connect with the Moon.

For me, it's vital to my femininity, my inner Goddess, my connection to the Goddess and the planet, Mother Earth, her rhythms and cycles.

I also want to help you to learn to use the monthly Moon as a cosmic timer to manifest your dreams. 

Then two weeks later, use La Luna as a crucible, to burn up your karma via forgiveness at the time of the monthly Full Moon.

You will also get...

Your Daily and/or Weekly and/or Monthly Stars by email. Get Yasmin Boland’s Daily Moon Message and Stars delivered to you by email five days a week, and/or choose to get Cosmic Week Ahead Column on a Monday, so you can make plans.

Your Monthly Stars … in advance. One of the requests moonology gets all the time is from people who want to read their Monthly Stars earlier – get yours emailed to you on the 21st of very month. 

Full Moon Forgiveness. You will sent a reminder every month that it's time to spend some time involved in a Full Moon forgiveness moment, to clear yourself out energetically.

Free New Moon Info Sheets + Manfesting Kit. The new redesigned New Moon Info Sheets + Manifesting Kits are all about helping you to work with the New Moon so you're more connected and also so you can make your dreams come true (really, you can!)  

Our amazing Ascended Masters Oracle. This fantastic Oracle gives you written and spoken answers brimming profound with wisdom from Ascended Masters, including Buddha, Quan Yin, Thoth and Jesus. 

And much more… The New Moon Club Membership Area is a work in progress. We aim to bring you a vast array of great reasons to stay with us, and we’re open to suggestions too! 

What people are saying about Yasmin Boland

Yasmin, your forecasts are so inspiring and encouraging, especially now, during a very challenging time in my life. Thank-you so much for giving me hope that brighter days are on the horizon. Your positive words are always much appreciated. Anna, Capricorn. 

Yasmin I am very grateful for the guidance,direction and support I receive from your daily horoscope, I receive everyday. Artemis 

Hi Yasmin ! Love your work ! BW 

“Thank you very much for the beautiful meditations you do Yasmin....” 

- Michelle

Thanks, Yasmin for your supremely encouraging daily and weekly forecasts. I read my Sun (Virgo), Moon (Gemini), and Rising (Scorpio) today and they gave me strength to believe and to carry on. Blessings! Zi 

<span style="font-size: 1rem; line-height: 1.375;">“ I love receiving moonology emails and now on facebook , which I now share with my friends ! I find it helpful to read my daily moonology emails to know what I could be in for each day!...” 

- Alison

Yassy I have never been so appreciative of anyone as much as I am too you Your so amazing!! My favorite part of the day!! Week!! and Month is too read your TRUE & CORRECT ( Every time ) Moonology You are always spot on!! I love investing my time on what you have to say I would like to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! For all of the hard work and relentless hours it must take you to help others see a new POSITIVE way that again is TRUE & CORRECT I would also like to say a HUGE!!!! THANK YOU to your beautiful family for their support too!! I relies the sacrifices they must make too allow you too be a world HEALER!! TEACHER!! SCRIP WRITER!!! & MOONOLOGIST I am sure I speak for many when I say this!!! May you and your beautiful family be bless in LOVE & Light - Rachel 

“I LOVE reading your horoscopes. Keep up the good work....” 

- Geraldine

"Spot on - as usual!"

- Anne

The benefits of being a Moon Club member

* It’s like having your own personal astrologer sending you all the info you need about the current cosmic energies! Every day I’ll be in your in-box giving you sound astrological information and advice based on the celestial influences. You will feel feel more supported on your life journey, by me and by the Stars! And one whole year's membership to the Moon Club is less than you would pay for a personal reading with an astrolger! 

It’s like having your own personal astrologer sending you all the info you need about the current cosmic energies! Every day I’ll be in your in-box giving you sound astrological information and advice based on the celestial influences. You will feel feel more supported on your life journey, by me and by the Stars! And one whole year's membership to the Moon Club is less than you would pay for a personal reading with an astrolger!

* Another benefit of signing up to the Moon Club is that you will find it easier to stay on your spirutual path. If you know my work, you will know I am all about trying to help readers to stay focused on their spiritual goals as well as they material life. By joining the Moon Club, you won't even have to think about checking in with the heavens - the astrological information will come to you every day. You’ll no longer struggle to spiriutually focused. The Moon Club Membership will guide you! 

* As you start to live your life more in tune with the heavens, you will align with ancient astrological algorithm made famous by the father of astrology Hermes Trismegistus which says "As above, so below..." Old negative patterns will fade away as you start to see the positive every day as to offer you through reading your Daily Moon Message and Daily Stars. 

* Getting in touch with the heavens like this will remind you of all that you need to do in order to manifest your dreams.

* And speaking of manifesting, one of the best parts of the Moon Club Membership is that you will get your New Moon Info Sheets + Manifesting Kit free of charge, every month. You will know when the New Moon is taking place, in which sign and where on your own chart, by Sun Sign or Rising Sign (it's up to you which you read, you can even read both!)

* This is one of the most precious gifts you can give to yourself. Making New Moon wishes and setting your intentions every month means you will start to create the life you're dreaming of. My goal is to make this process as stream-lined as possible for you so that checking in with your goals each month becomes a total no-brainer and a part of the fabric of your life. 

* Joining the Moon Club also saves you time because we send the reminders to you. We know everyone is busy so we will do all we can to remind you when it's time to do your New Moon wishes and set your intentions. We will also remind you when it's time to hop into the Members Area to listen to the very popular Full Moon meditation. This meditations is super popular and helps you to tune into the Full Moon energuies to let go and release. We plan to expand our Full Moon offeringin time. You’ll never feel frustrated or regret that you can’t get organised enough to tune into the Moon!

* And if ever you're feeling low and need some quick guidence, you will have easy and unlimited access to our two Moon Club Oracles. The first is the Nirvana Cards and the second is the Doreen Virtue Ascended Masters Oracle Cards deck.

* Don't get out of tune with the Moon - stay on track with the Moon Club! 

*REFUND POLICY: You have 30 days to try out the Moon Club. If you don't find it inspiring, we’ll happily offer you a full refund within 30 days of your initial initial only. 

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