Thanks for booking into the London New Moon workshop July 23 2017.

Please be sure to click here now and print out your chart. 

This is essential to your workshop enjoyment! (If you don't have a printer, ideally please ask a friend who does!) 

Looking at it on your phone won't be the same. If you don't know your time of birth (and assuming you have already asked your Mum and Dad!) please use 6am.

If you have forgotten to print your chart out, we can do it for you on the day, for £5. The fee is to discourage people from doing this as we would rather you did it at your end before you get to the workshop if you can please! 

We will also be offering a special printed and laminated version of your chart if you would like this. These need to be ordered in advance and cost £10. They are made using Solar Fire software.  

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