Over the past few days I have talked here about the upcoming energies for 2018 and how they are likely to pan out for all of us, overall and depending on our Star sign or Rising sign.

I talked about the move of Saturn through Capricorn and Uranus into Taurus.

But as you might know, in any year, there is always one more astrological phenomenon to watch out for if you want to get an idea about how the year ahead is going to play out – the eclipses!

This year we will get 5 eclipses – they will take place in January, February, July and August.

So those are the months where if you crave a new life, you need to take action!

Click here to download a list of all the New and Full Moons for 2018.

Eclipses are times when the Universe changes gears and we can too. Think of it like this; before you incarnated here on earth this lifetime, your soul signed up for some lessons and an agreed path, more or less. Your soul wants you to learn x or y or z, and in order for that to happen, you will need to have certain experiences.

The problem is, like all of us, you were born with an EGO! And that means that sometimes your ego takes over and takes you off the path your soul wants to be on.

Eclipses are when you can find yourself and your ego being very unceremoniously shunted back onto the right path. They are nothing to fear but you do need to allow for change.

New Moon eclipses (we get those in February, July and August this year) are about restarts. Full Moon eclipses (we get those on January and July this year) are about letting go.

If you want to read a summary of what 2018 holds for you, I’ve written and short and sweet but (I hope!) very much on point mini-guide for all the signs demarcating the promises and the pressures of the year ahead.

You can grab it here – just click to download.

Have a great day!

Love Yasmin x