This month’s New Moon is arguably extra magical…

If you look at a chart set for Scorpio Rising right now, you will see Scorpio has the planet of power and magic, Pluto, in it’s 3rd House of the Mind. In other words, Scorpio is an extra magical sign right now. So our New Moon wishes this month are going to be even more intense than usual.

Connect with the Angels via the new Moon

One of the most wonderful and uplifting ways to connect with this month’s rather intense New Moon in Scorpio is through some pure angelic light.

The Scorpio Archangel is Jeremiel. This is the angel who helps us review our lives.

Jeremiel can also help you if you want to develop your intuition and psychic ability.

The New Moon’s connection with Neptune now reinforces celestial connections, so light a candle and just talk to Jeremiel.
Also, in particular, ask for help in reviewing any situation you’re planning to change.

Remember, there is super power in this New Moon – make some magic but making your intentions to the Universe as clear as you can!

The when and the where of it…

Make your wishes as soon as possible any time after the New Moon. See below for the New Moon times around the world.

New Moon at 8 degrees in Scorpio

SYDNEY: October 31, 4.38am

LONDON: October 30, 5.38pm

MONTREAL/NEW YORK: October 30, 1.38pm

AUCKLAND: October 31, 6.38am

PARIS: October 30, 6.38pm

You can do you wishing alone or with a friend. Ideally I would play some uplifting music and light a candle or some incense – but it’s up to you!

It’s a very good time to think about how you can fulfil your life’s purpose. Ask for instructions from your Divine ‘team’.


The New Moon in Scorpio affirmation of the month “I am a child in the cosmos and the cosmos is in me!”

For more information about how the New Moon is affecting you personally and for your personal New Moon Info Sheets and Manifesting Kit, just click here

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