As we move towards the New Moon eclipse which is SO good for manifesting, here’s a tip from my (best-selling!) book Moonology for how to bring anything into reality…

If you really want something? Commit to doing at least 68 seconds of full-on visualization and feeling the feeling of having it every day, or twice a day, and you will surely start to create it.

A really effective way to do this is to write affirmation ‘lines’ – a bit like in the old days when schoolkids were made to write the same sentence over and again. Write out your affirmation dozens of times.

I did this exercise once when our holiday flights were cancelled because of a devastating cyclone in beautiful Fiji, just before we were planning to visit it.

Initially we were told that we fell just outside the window for refunds. This meant either we had to go on our scheduled trip, and fly into all the chaos, which came with the added risk of some nasty illnesses going around because of the damp … everything. Not something I wanted to do myself, let alone with my son who was about five at the time. Or I had to come up with a plan B.

After I had tried and failed to convince the travel company to give us our money back, I decided to change tactics and try plan B – some good, old fashioned manifesting.

So I got out an exercise book and spent a good hour writing the following sentence, over and over and over and over again:

‘I am so delighted that we got a full refund for our flights and hotel!’

As I wrote, I felt elated that we were going to get our cash back. I was so happy that we were getting a refund. I imagined texting my Mum to let her know our good news about the refund and so on. As Wayne Dyer would have put it, I totally felt the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

And guess what? Against all the odds, we got a full refund for our flights and hotel! (And we went to Fiji a few months later, once all was well again on the island – highly recommended for a perfect holiday, by the way!)

Try this technique with your most important monthly New Moon eclipse wishes this month.

Writing it down makes it easier to stay really focused for that all-important 68 seconds. Imagine you’re telling a friend your good news as you write.

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