Is your love life upside down, or are you just feeling somewhat estranged or detached from your beloved? Are you wondering who your friends really are or thinking back to happier days?

If so you are almost certainly feeling the effects of a major and relatively rare astrological transit happening right now and all month, known as Venus retrograde.

I’ve created a free five-part video series to help you navigate it. We have had more than 1100 sign-ups to it in just a few days.

Here are some of the kind comments coming through…

A big big thank you for this..It so resonates with me…am actually going through the process of re-evaluating my life and priorities…i do have your book but haven’t read it -planning to start on it soon.

this absolutely does resonate for me…v emotional time, going thru a break up…cant wait for venus to move forward again…but having to learn to b patient…gonna make a list of things i value…might do the pyramid thing you recommend in your love bk…looking forward to further videos, LOVE astrology x oh yeah, and ive just ordered moonology…cant wait to receive that! x

thank you Yasmin for doing this … for free. You are so kind, and, so generous. I’m excited to see the next video.

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