It’s a really mixed bag this week, so let’s break it down, day by day.

Today (Sunday) is a day to make things happen. If you happen to be going to work, you can make big changes or somehow make an impact on your environment. If your boss is watching, chances are you will come off looking pretty good. If you’re not working, set aside some time today to think about what you want. And then think about how to make that happen. Thoughts lead to action, remember.

So start the law of attraction ball rolling by visualising what you want and feeling the feeling of it coming true – and then get practical with a bullet point list of what you need to do to make your dream real.

Tomorrow (Monday) will be hampered by a rather restrictive Venus/Saturn square which is forming in the skies. This can actually interfere with any manifesting you’re doing.

Venus is about love and abundance, which Saturn is about lack and limitations. So if what you want is to do with romance or riches and you quickly start to doubt your ability to make your dreams real, focus on your solutions and plans rather than any obstacles.

By Tuesday, a very helpful Sun/Jupiter link should make it easier to look on the bright side and expect the best – both of which are The Secret to manifesting.

Next weekend brings the New Moon – it’s the last New Moon in the current cycle, taking place in the sign of Pisces, the 12th and last sign of the zodiac. Start to get ready for it. It’s the time to make your New Moon wishes and set your intentions for the month ahead.

Pisces is the dreamy, soulful sign but this New Moon will be clashing with angry Mars, making it an ideal time to determine to work through any anger issues you may have using some kind of spiritual technique such as meditation, which is amazing for calming down even the most choleric type!

One technique is to realise that everyone feels anger – once you realise that, you can start to see how other people master their emotions. Model them!

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c. Yasmin Boland, 2018