Forget about the past, here comes the eclipse!

August brings a massive opportunity for anyone who wants to live to the fullest. No matter where you are in your life, and no matter where you have been, this is the time to harness the eclipse energies. To do that, you just need to set aside some time just after the New Moon eclipse.

New Moon Eclipse on August 11 (Sydney) at 19 Leo
New Moon Eclipse details:
SYDNEY: August 11, 7.57pm
NEW YORK: August 11, 5.57am
LONDON: August 11, 10.57am

In another location? Please click here for your time zone.

Remember, this is the third and final eclipse of the current “eclipse season” which started last month.

Here is the drill:

3 steps to harness the eclipse energies

1. Set aside time after 8pm AEST or 11pm NZST
2. Write a list of all that you’re grateful for
3. Make a list of your dreams, wishes and intentions for your life
And then the most important bits.
4. Imagine – literally imagine – your dreams coming true
5. Say “For the good of all or not at all!”

Eclipses don’t come along every month and are a time to change your life, if that is something which appeals to you. Most wisdom teachers suggest that wanting more and better and different is a part of the human condition and nothing at all to be ashamed of. So embrace your desires this month, and create an action plan for how to make your own dreams come true!

Also this month…

There is a Divine (with a capital D) connection between Jupiter and Neptune. For anyone on the spiritual path, it’s the time to pause and reconnect with the heavens. You can do this via something as simple as a weekly yoga class. The sheer act of getting out of your head and “into your body” as you have to when you do yoga connects many people to something bigger than themselves. Call it what you will, source, the Universe, cosmic consciousness. Another excellent tool, of course, and in fact traditionally the follow-up to any yoga session, is meditation.

In the 20 years I have been writing about meditation, it has gone from fringe to mainstream. There is a reason; it works! Have you cottoned on yet? If you don’t know how to meditate, look for Deepak Chopra on YouTube. It’s the best starting place!

Another way which is just awesome for people who think they “can’t meditate” (everyone can meditate, but that’s another story!) is chanting. Just say the words “Om Namo Narayani!” (Om Na-mo Na-rye-annie) out loud. It’s a famous Sanskrit change and will change your vibration in incredible ways. If that’s too complex, just go for “Ommmm…” Benefits of connection to the Divine include; increased sense of purpose, increased intuition, greater success in all parts of life.

Time to move forwards again

Also note that on August 28, the planet of action and drive, Mars, ends his rare retrograde cycle and starts to move forwards again. If you have been find it hard to get motivated about doing all the things you want to do, then the end of Mars retrograde should really help you out.

Have a great month!

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