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We are still in the New Moon Phase. Yesterday we had the New Moon in Virgo but of course, the Moon doesn’t stop moving! Today the Moon is in Libra.

As we are still in the New Moon phase, it’s a great time for a ritual if you didn’t manage one yesterday.

If you can, get outside and light some incense and preferably some ghee candles (literally you can use ghee from the supermarket!) The incense calls in the angels and the ghee feeds them, according to Indian teachings. Call in the Goddess Ceres who is perhaps the primo Virgo Goddess. Call in Ganesha who is always around to help us when we start anything.

I’ve recorded a quite far out free Ganesha chant for you here.

Otherwise, stay inside and just chant “Aummmmmmmm…” (which is the slightly more descriptive version of the word you might know as Ommmm. Ommmm also works!)

If you can say Om as OH-om, you will have something akin to the Sanskrit version. Intention is what counts but it’s better to get any chanting precise pronunciations as right as you can. Such attention to detail and precision, by the way, is pure Virgo energy.

Working with the New Moon and the Full Moon REALLY will change your life in amazing ways. Commit now to 12 months of Moon work with the Moon Info Sheets here – you will amaze yourself!

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Tap Into The Moon With The Cosmic Extras

Cosmic Extras

Virgo Cosmic Extras

Top 3 affirmations:

1. ‘I am more and more organized every day.’

2. ‘I give wonderful service for wonderful pay.’

3. ‘My wellbeing is my priority – I am getting back on track.’

Essential Oil to use: Tea Tree

Mantra: Hum. Chant it out loud or silently

Chakra: The Throat chakra, aka Vishudha

Angel: Metatron, the energy clearer

Goddess: Ceres, fertility Goddess

Heavenly Ray: The 6th ray, which is indigo

There’s more information about working with the Cosmic Extras in my book Moonology

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