“Lucky for some…”

Today brings the New Moon eclipse in the sign of Virgo. Eclipses are always super-powerful times. Imagine them as a portal to another world.

So which world would you like to go to? One where you are free from debt or pain? One where you have found your perfect partner? Where you have a new job? Where you’ve reached your perfect dress size? One where you exercise and meditate every day? Where you’re a healer? Or a best –selling author? Or both?

That’s what eclipses are for. They allow us to change our lives and jump into new realities. OK so you’re not likely to drop 30 pounds (let alone kilos!) and get a new job overnight. However use the eclipse to turn and face the direction that you want to move in.

The next big planetary alignment after the eclipse is a once-every 12 years connection between Jupiter and Neptune which is basically telling us to dream big!

So write down your top 10 goals for the coming 6 – 12 months. Don’t delay! The New Moon is a very powerful time to make your intentions known to the Universe. And as a part of the process of listing your ambitions, you also get clear on them. Once we know what we want, we are way more likely to get what we want. It stands to reason! Click here http://www.yasminboland.com/extras-astrology-moonology/nmw if you would like more information about how to make New Moon wishes.

Or click here http://www.newmooninfosheets.com/ to get your New Moon info sheet to find out more about what the eclipsed New Moon has to offer you.

If you do your New Moon wishes, do them as close to just after the New Moon, if possible! It won’t be visible in Australia. Here are the New Moon times around the world.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 21 degrees Virgo
SYDNEY: September 13, 4.42pm AEST
LONDON: September 13, 7.42am BST
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: September 13, 2.42am EDT
AUCKLAND: September 13, 6.42pm NZT
PARIS: September 13, 8.42am CEDT

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