I tend not to use oracle cards for myself too often, simply because I believe in them SO much.

I know that if I ask a straight question, I will get a straight answer, even if I am using the sweetest and most gentle cards! And then sometimes… I can’t resist!

Today I found myself irresistibly drawn to ask a question. I had had an upset with a really lovely person I work with. I was in the middle of writing to her to apologise and the Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine Angel Answers cards sitting on my desk caught my eye.

I picked them up wondering what to ask, shuffling. Should I ask about what had happened or what would happen now? Should I do a past, present and future three-card reading? I decided to ask for one card about what would happen if I sent this email I had on my computer in front of me.

I thought “What I really want is a card that says something like ‘Recuperation’ because that’s what I want now, to recuperate this situation and keep moving forwards…” Click here to see the pic I got! (I only got these cards recently and don’t know them all by heart so this was pretty impressively close!)

I just wanted to share this idea with you. Partly to emphasise that if you use cards, you really do need to be prepared for a straight answer.

If you would like a pack of Angel Answers Cards, we have a competition running here.

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