Hang on to your hats and your hormones! August 2017 is an eclipse month. In other words, anything can happen and probably will.

There were only ever going to be four eclipses this year – sometimes we get up to seven. For this reason, every eclipse is extra important, if you want to work with the energies. Eclipses are times when change really can and does happen.

Sometimes it’s the change you knew that you had to make. It’s leaving a job or a home or even a relationship. You know it has to happen but you can’t quite bring yourself to make the changes that are needed. Then finally – kerpow! The eclipse season comes along and everything changes.

Alternatively, and more appropriately for this month, eclipses can also be times of beginnings. They can launch us into a new world, a new life.

That’s what could happen this month. Reason being, while August does bring a Full Moon eclipse (on August 7) it also brings not just a New Moon eclipse but a New Moon eclipse which happens to be the second New Moon eclipse in the sign of a Leo in a row (on August 21).

This is important to everyone and not just to Leos. There is more info about this in your horoscopes but in a nutshell, what’s happening is that you are getting a double-chance to start all over again in one part of your life.

Don’t waste it!
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