Imagine that before you came down here to Earth, before you incarnated, you made several soul agreements.

You knew that you wanted your soul to evolve during your lifetime, so you made agreements with other souls to ‘do things to each other’ that would push all your buttons, maybe even push you to the edge, but mainly would teach you.

So, if and when someone really upsets you and pushes all your buttons and starts to test you, imagine they are someone with whom you have a soul contract.

Rather than being upset, look for the lessons that the upset is teaching you. Think of it as a set-up designed to help you evolve, rather than an up-set. Get it? Learn the lesson and you will be able to move on.

If we accept that we’re on this planet to evolve, so that we no longer have to keep reincarnating, we will perhaps try harder to handle the issues we come up against.

So that friend who really annoys you turns out to be your teacher. That stranger who was rude to you? Also your teacher. That teacher back at school who was mean to you and made you feel bad? Your teacher. Your lover, your ex, ‘The One That Got Away’? Your teachers. Your kids? Your teachers.

If you would like to live consciously, hook into the monthly Full Moon and take a moment to ‘get square’ with your teachers.

Forgive them for what they have done – know that they have a soul contract with you, whether they know it or not.

Here are the Full Moon dates for this month – start your forgiveness practise now! Remember the Full Moon is the ideal time for this as our emotions are at the surface and more easy to access and process.

Full Moon at 23 Cancer
SYDNEY: January 12, 10.33pm
NEW YORK: January 12, 6.33am
LONDON: January 12, 11.33am

Forgiving someone doesn’t make what they did ok but it does release so you can move on… use the Full Moon for this. You will be doing yourself the most massive favour. You life will start to transform when you let go of your upsets.

This is one of the most wonderful ways to use the precious gift that is the monthly Full Moon.

As soon as you start to forgive people, you will start to clear yourself energetically. It is simply not possible to emit a clear signal to the Universe if you are filled with upset and anger and resentment, let alone hate.

This is not about being some kind of Pollyanna type character, a goody two shoes who rises above other peoples’ nastiness. This is not about having the moral high ground either.

It’s about knowing that remaining upset with someone keeps you stuck in the past. When you are stuck in the past, you can’t create the life of your dreams. You can only create your dream life from your present.

So who do you need to forgive? Forgiving will allow you to move on.

Again, the Full Moon is the ideal time for this as our emotions are at the surface and more easy to access and process.

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