New Moon in Aries

This is the first New Moon of the astrological year. Yes, that right. The astrological year doesn’t run from January to December, it runs from March/April to February/March. Or rather, you could say that it runs from Aries to Pisces, right?
And this month we have the New Moon in Aries, which for astrologers at least, is the first New Moon in the new 12 month lunar cycle.

New Moon on April 16 (Sydney) at 27 Aries
New Moon details:
SYDNEY: April 16, 11.57am
NEW YORK: April 15, 9.57pm
LONDON: April 16, 2.57am

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What is the new astrological year good for?

As such, it’s the IDEAL time to to make a commitment to working with the New Moon through the coming 12 months. Click here for our mini-guide on Why The Aries New Moon Is So Important (No Matter Which Sign You Are!)

Here are the Top 5 ways to make the most of the Aries New Moon…


The New Moon in Aries marks the start of the New Moon cycle, since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The time for dreaming is over and the time to take action has come. You have a clean slate when it comes to making your New Moon wishes: if you’ve been lax about doing them, this is the time to get back on board.


This a wonderful time to make a plan for the year ahead. If you’re attached, do one plan for yourself and another for you and your partner as a couple. Doing one for work won’t hurt either. Aries energy is really impulsive, so you might think it’s too high energetically right now to make plans, but with a bit of discipline, anything is possible. The fiery, enthusiastic Aries energy is great for infusing your plans with drive and determination. This is also a GREAT time to advantage of our super special offer and sign up for a heavily discounted 12 months of our super-popular New and Full Moon Info Sheets. Click here.


If you’ve been too timid and need courage to move forwards with whatever you’re facing, include that in your wish list. Aries is connected to brave Mars, and the energies around the Aries New Moon reflect this. Decide that you can be bolder in life – and then work on it. Aries isn’t so much bold as willing to just bowl into anything and everything, without being overly cautious about the results. If you could use a bit more of this impetuousness in your life, now is the time to incorporate it.


Are you having enough fun? Being spontaneous often enough? Think about it and if the answer is ‘no’, then determine that over the coming weeks, you will make more time for fun. Aries is the child of the zodiac and now is a good time to remind yourself to connect with your inner child.


This is also a time for some focus on yourself and what you need – where you’re going and so on. If you give yourself, your wardrobe and your website just one makeover a year, do it now. Aries is traditionally the ‘starting’ sign, not least because it’s the child of the zodiac: it’s filled with vim and vigour as it prepares to bust out of the starting gate, and it’s not going to worry about going too fast. It just ‘does’. Action stations! You can then either burn your wish list or keep it. Burning it is more powerful because you become less attached to your wishes, which is the best way to attract them. However keeping the list somewhere to refer back to later also has its place if you’re just starting on your path and/or you’re the type of person who likes ‘proof’ that such mini-rituals as this one actually work!

Tap Into The Moon With The Cosmic Extras

Make it as happier New Moon

It’s my firm opinion, backed up by years of research, that you can align with the New and Full Moon each month and in doing so, improve your life beyond recognition. How do I know? Because I did it myself! The New Moon in Aries is the IDEAL time to make the commitment to work with the New and Full Moon for the coming year. And we have a super special discount on to support you in doing that. Just click here.

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