There are two coming our way this month…

Eclipses come in pairs or more. The minimum number of eclipses you can have in a year is four and that’s what we have this year. In a way, it makes working with each of them more straight-forward and more … crucial. You could say eclipse energy is in short supply in 2017.

In one way, it’s a good thing because eclipse energy is SO intense. In another, eclipses are actually very useful portal-like things. You can use them to jump from one reality to another.


Especially the Full Moon eclipses, it’s time to release and let go and forgive the past, no matter what your sign. It’s the time to let go in one part of your life or another. Make amends for anything you think you need to make amends for. Say sorry. Forgive and move on. Declutter yourself energetically by breathing out!


At the time of the New Moon eclipses, again, no matter what your sign or your Rising sign, but especially if you’re Pisces, Virgo, Leo or Aquarius, it’s time to make a new start of some kind, to launch something, to begin again with someone or something, even if it’s just a new morning routine or something as big as a new dietary regime. . What you start at the time of the New Moon is super charged.

I have told the story of how it happened to me here. One minute I was in my Sydney apartment making wishes and the next minute I was living in Paris as requested and desires.

Before I went, I read a book called

Almost French: A New Life in Paris

It’s a wonderful tale of an Aussie girl Sarah Turnbull, who goes to live in Paris. I read it and moreorless did the same thing and had many similar experiences.

As you think about how to manifest at the time of the New Moon eclipse and afterwards, think about how my reading that book helped me to shape my reality.

I saw living in Paris in my mind’s eye, I liked it and I believed it. I felt it in my body. THIS is the secret. I consciously and unconsciously created it.

That’s why the advice is to think about what you do want, not about what you don’t want, especially around New Moon.

Thoughts become things, as they say. Energy becomes matter. Everything you seen in any given room pretty much started life as a thought.

And that’s why it’s a good idea to do the New Moon wishing and the Full Moon forgiveness. The secret is to check in on your goals as the following four weeks unfold. I will aim to remind you here.

I also recommend meditating every day between times. I recently did a Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey 21-Day free program and I know they have another one coming up in April. I plan to do it again! I have also downloaded Deepak’s Ananda app. Just saying. Life-changing.

PS re Paris – I posted about my “the-day-I-spontaneously-went-to-live-in-Paris” after making some New Moon wishes under the Eiffel Tower on a one-week visit to the City of Light here. It’s a personal story which took me more than ten years to share. It’s actually taken directly from my book Moonology which by the way you can buy here if you would like to.

Moonology is still

That’s 6 months after its release so I am pretty sure this is a sign more and more people are getting in touch with the Moon.

We are goddesses and witches reincarnated into suburbia!

And if you’re a man, then look for a Goddess near you and love and appreciate her and encourage her to grow just as she hopefully does the same for you!

I have met some amazing Goddesses already, as a result of writing Moonology, which is all about working with the Moon (in case you didn’t know!) and thus is a Goddess magnet. Some of them are amazing including Samjhana Moon who does Goddess portraiture near Dartmoor in the UK where I am told there are a lot of cosmic Goddess energies.