The pic below was taken today, as I was writing this post. It’s Boxing Day Paris, 26/12/16.

It seems like a good moment to share something from my book MOONOLOOGY – the story of how I ended up here on Boxing Day 2016…

Hopefully it will serve as inspiration to anyone with a dream to follow… Please note, this came a few years after the dreadful time I mentioned here the other day. Life evolves, right? As any astrologer will tell you, life goes in cycles.

Wishing on a dream

… [as a teenager] my main dream was to get out of Tassie and go live in Paris, France. I put pictures of Paris on my bedroom walls; I read French poetry and I listened to French music. The first dish I ever learned to cook was Quiche Lorraine because, well, because it was French! At one point I even managed to get my hands on a pack of Gauloises cigarettes – not to smoke them, but to burn them like incense in my room as I imagined I was a chic Parisienne sitting in a dimly lit Latin Quarter café listening to jazz. (Unfortunately, my mother smelled them, thought the worst and I was in a lot of trouble.)

Fast-forward to many years later. I’d qualified as a journalist and was staying in Paris for a week because a friend had offered me the keys to his flat while he holidayed in Australia. It wasn’t my first trip to my dream city – far from it – but it was the first time I had visited it as an adult, and my first time there alone.

As it happened, I arrived in Paris on the night of the New Moon. So, naturally, I headed straight for the Eiffel Tower to make my New Moon wishes. I figured that the tall spire would be a perfect conductor to send my wishes into the heavens. And that proved to be the case.

My wishes that day reflected the fact that I wanted to stay on in Paris for much longer than the week I was booked for. I was a single freelance writer – which meant I could work pretty much anywhere with my laptop, as long as I had an internet connection – and I had the right passport. Now that I was in Paris, with all these things in my favour, why on earth would I leave? After making my wishes, I made my way back to my friend’s flat.

As I walked through the beautiful Paris streets at dusk, a voice inside my head said very clearly: ‘Right: I live here now!’ ‘Ha!’ I thought, ‘What a strange thing for me to think!’ And yet, that’s exactly what happened.

The following day, I spotted a handwritten sign advertising an apartment to rent in one of the most chic districts in Paris, close to where I was staying. I went to meet the charming owner (who I later discovered was a European princess) and she showed me the flat. It was perfect; the only ‘snag’ was that the owner’s husband had a photography darkroom off the kitchen, which the couple wanted access to from time to time.

For this reason, the rent was half what it would normally have been in this amazing part of town, just off the Boulevard St Michel. To make things even easier, the owner and her husband spoke perfect English, so I was able to communicate fully with them (my university French still needed some work). They offered me the apartment, and of course I said ‘Oui!’ straight away. And so it was that I ended up living in Paris for the next two and a half years.

So, did just wishing to live in Paris make it so? Well, not exactly. Rather, I had the dream of living there, and then I did something about it (studying French and visiting Paris). Plus, I totally crystalized my dreams by making my wishes under the Eiffel Tower. The point I’m making is that we’re always manifesting. We can’t help it. Dreaming (worrying) of messing up your life? Then you may well do that. Dreaming of living in Paris? Then you may well do that. My dreams of Paris created my reality.

A couple of hours after I’d signed the contract on my apartment, a stranger I met in a café told me: ‘Vous avez faites un miracle!’ – ‘You have made a miracle!’ Apparently, it’s not usually that easy for a foreigner to cruise into Paris and find a place to rent, let alone something affordable in the smartest part of town. For me, it happened totally seamlessly: almost as if I’d wished it into existence.

I was living my dream, and it just felt natural… and when things feel natural is when the magic can happen.

From my book Moonology – an amazon best seller! Yeehaa! Gratitude to all who bought it – thank you! And thank you for such a lot of positive feedback about how much you like it. I like it too. If you would like to buy it, you can get it here in English, Dutch, Polish and a couple of other languages including soon, I am fairly sure, French!

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