By Edo and Jo: Throughout the day we talk so much and use so many words. But most of these words are just for our physical bodies and minds. They are not words whose meaning and vibrations reach deep into the core of our being. Chanting is the combination of words gifted to the world specifically for the purpose of connecting with our Soul. If chanting is able to connect us with the ultimate purpose of the human birth, call it Salvation, Moksha, Mukti, Self-Realisation… that is, to know ourselves truly. Then chanting can surely take care of all our materialistic needs as well. Chanting is not for one thing, it is for everything. Because when we connect with our essence, naturally all our needs are fullfilled. All our inspirations and our purpose, comes to life. We become aligned with the will of life, with the Divine, and thus we are in harmony with all of creation. It’s hard for the mind to comprehend that a few little words, or just one name, could bring such huge results. But that is the power of chanting. It is the ultimate purpose and profound beauty of chanting. It removes all the blocks that blind us from seeing our true beauty, magesty and divinity. Some body once asked us “isn’t chanting like ‘brainwashing’?”. We said ‘yes’! but not the brainwashing you are thinking about. Chanting is like washing our brain, washing the dirt that clutters our mind, washing the filters that block our hearts so that we can see clearly and love dearly! In the materialistic world everything needs to be tested. But in spirituality we need only trust. The divine cannot be tested, only through trust can we surrender. This does not mean we can not challenge, question and inquire. Many great masters wrestled with God on their path to surrender. But ultimately there comes a point where mind cannot take us, where questions only lead to more questions and not to the real peace we are seeking. This is where faith and trust are vital to bring us into the true experience of loving the divine which means, loving ourselves.

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