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From my book Moonology… all about the Cosmic Extras

The idea of the Cosmic Extras is that if you want to take your Moonology work beyond the basics, and do something more practical, you can, by using the Cosmic Extras to deepen your spiritual practise. In the text below I refer specifically to the New Moon but you can use the Cosmic Extras with any Moon phase.

I’ve used the Houses and the chakras as a guide to come up with essential oils, mantras and more, which you can use to tune in further to each New Moon – you can use them for the Full Moon and the Daily Moon, too. Here is a quick rundown of what the various cosmic extras are, and how to use them.

Essential oils
I’ve recommended the use of certain essential oils at each New Moon because they are something very practical to work with, amid all this rather esoteric information. If you fi nd yourself wanting, or even craving, a particular essential oil and you don’t really know why, it means your soul or your higher self needs it – to help you work on whatever part of you is evolving. Always listen to your needs. Note that the essential oils listed have been chosen because they help with the issues likely to come up when a House is being triggered. Always dilute them in a carrier oil before using them on your body or in the bath.

The New Moon’s numerological energy
I’ve included the number of the House in the guide simply so you can work through the numbers 1–12/3. Unlike with regular numerology, there’s no meaning per se to these numbers. Instead I encourage you to bear your number of the month in mind and to notice as and when it comes up for you, especially in repetitive patterns. That’s a sign to pay attention to what’s going on, to live consciously, to examine your motives, and/or to think about where the issue of the moment is going.

Chakras are energy centres on the body. They are usually invisible to the naked eye but with practice, it’s possible to see or feel them. Chakras are an energy connection between our life and body here on Earth, and the cosmos. It’s important to pay attention to your chakras, whether you do that in a daily meditation (you can find plenty of chakra-clearing meditations on YouTube) or work on them using the chants and visualizations recommended in this book. When the chakras are in balance, good health follows. Unhealthy living, too much time spent indoors or in front of a screen, pollution, drugs and alcohol are just a few of the things that can stop our chakras from spinning properly. For improved chakra health, focus on each chakra of the month during your meditations – see it spinning and imagine it in the colour described in the guide. I’ve included two types of chakra in the guide – 3rd-dimensional and 5th-dimensional.

◗ 3rd-dimensional (3D) chakras
There are seven main 3rd-dimensional chakras and 12 signs, so naturally there has to be some repetition. There are many different methods for creating a correspondence with the chakras and your chart, and I’ve agonized over which one to use. Some people ascribe the Sun to the Sacral chakra and Mars to the Solar Plexus chakra; others reverse that. I decided on Mars for the Sacral chakra, because of the sex association, and the Sun for the solar plexus because, well, it’s a solar plexus, right? For me, the most important thing is to pay attention to one chakra or another as the Moon moves through the 12 Houses, so that all are worked on over the 12 months (and some are worked on twice). However, if that doesn’t sit well with you, just reverse it. As I say, the main thing is to work through all the chakras and the Houses.

◗ 5th-dimensional (5D) chakras
For those of you who also want to work with the 5th-dimensional chakras, read on. These chakras are the evolution of the 3rd-dimensional chakras. As we raise our frequency to the 5th dimension through meditation, prayer and conscious living, we activate these higher chakras. They can strengthen our connection to Source. They aren’t especially tied to particular Houses, but there are 12 that are most commonly used. This means we can work through them all, one by one, over a 12-month period, if we pay attention to the New Moon each month. Sometimes the 3D and 5D chakra are the same, but not always. All you have to do is check in once a month to see which chakra to work on according to the New Moon. To work on it, see it in your mind’s eye, spinning nicely and very much in the colour it’s described. If it’s not the ‘right’ colour, imagine adding in that colour. For example, you could pour in oranges for the Sacral chakra; for the Heart chakra, you could pour in liquid green or add in some green, green grass or even emeralds. Just picture this in your mind’s eye. It truly works and is a really important practice!

The mantras that appear in the New Moon guide (and also the guide to the Full Moon in each House) are based on their planetary associations with the Houses on the horoscope wheel. Chanting them will help to bring the associated chakras into healthy balance. This in turn will raise your vibrations. The higher your vibration, the better life will flow. Mantras are one of the most powerful of the ‘cosmic extras’. The words may seem strange but they are all well-known, sacred Sanskrit sounds that have been used through the ages.

Guiding Goddesses
Goddesses are divine feminine energy forces that reside in a higher dimension than our own. As I explained in Part I, the Moon is very strongly connected to the archetypal Goddess energy, so you may like to use each monthly New Moon to connect with a different Goddess. The Goddesses I’ve chosen embody the House that’s being triggered for you by the New Moon. Getting to know the Goddesses can be a very enriching experience. To do this, say their names out loud, as instructed in the guide, and do some research online to see what comes up for you.

Guiding Archangels
Archangels are known as messengers of God/dess. Your goto Archangel of the month depends on which House is being triggered by the New Moon, but in fact, you can talk to any Archangel any time – choosing the one whose name or energy most resonates with you is a very good bet. However, if you choose to follow the New Moons around you chart over the course of one year, you will have connected with the 15 main Archangels. And that can only be a good thing. The Archangels named in Chapter 5 correspond with those Doreen Virtue and I write about in Angel Astrology 101: Discover the Angels Connected with Your Birth Chart (Hay House, 2014); however, instead of aligning the Archangels to signs, here they are aligned to the corresponding Houses.

The 12 Universal Laws
There are 12 Universal Laws that govern life on Earth, and it’s said that they have been known since the beginning of time. If you understand these laws, you can make life work for you and manifest whatever you want. It’s like being given the keys to how the Universe functions. Note that the 12 Universal Laws in the guide run in the order in which they are given in modern and ancient manuscripts. They haven’t been chosen to correspond particularly with the House that’s being triggered. My aim is to allow you to work through them all, one by one, over a 12-month period. Just read the Universal Laws section in the guide every month and contemplate the ideas.

The 12 Heavenly Rays
These are by far the most esoteric concepts in this book. The 12 Heavenly Rays are an extremely high-vibration concept – it’s said that we can only understand them and their gifts when we think about them with our higher mind. The rays are said to be lights made up of frequency bands of electrical energy radiating from Source or the Creator. A first step to working with the 12 rays is to learn about their colours and meanings, and to meditate upon these. It’s said that if we put our mind to working with the rays, one day, all of a sudden, the meanings will become clear. In the interim, merely contemplating the rays raises our vibration. In Chapter 5, the rays are listed in their traditional order, so we can work through them all, one by one, over a 12-month period. The beings mentioned alongside the rays are ascended masters – highly evolved beings that can’t be seen with the naked eye but who nonetheless help humans on Earth. The information given can act as a springboard to some further reading if you’re so moved.

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