This is the last full week of Venus retrograde for this time around. I hope you have felt good about the cycle, which started at the beginning of March and will end next week (though what’s called the shadow period, which is sort of like the ‘dregs’ of the cycle, lasts until May 8).

In case you haven’t quite tuned in yet, Venus retrograde is all about having another think about who and what really matters to you. It could be asking yourself if it’s more important to you to have spare money or a job you like. It could be about nearly losing a friend or a lover, which makes you realise you have been taking them for granted. It could be realising that actually you’re really lucky to have the life you do and appreciating it all again with a new more open heart.

If you haven’t thought about any of these lately, think about it now. What are you top three priorities and are you living your life in accordance with those priorities. These are questions that we need to ask ourselves now as Venus reverses. Even if you only interrogate yourself like this once every 18 months when Venus is going backwards, it’s a great chance to recalibrate. Values change. Now is the time to redefine them.

This week as Venus nears the end of her reverse cycle, she actually back into Pisces from Aries so matters even more deeply buried can come back as we recalibrate emotionally. Expect lots more conversations about the past. It’s also a very productive week and should have an overall upbeat feel as move towards the next Full Moon.

That Full Moon will take place in the sign of Libra so it’s the time to be slowly but surely releasing anyone from your life that you know you need to move on from, or moving on from past problems.