We are in the waning cycle of the Moon so it’s time to go a bit easier on yourself. Does that mean you should just give up? Not at all! In fact this is a week to stay very positive about you hopes and plans and dreams.
In fact this week sees a very harmonious link between the planet of the mind, Mercury, and the planet of plenty, Jupiter. So even though we are in the rather more low-key waning cycle of the Moon, there should still be lots to be cheerful about. As well, if you have an issue you’re dealing with, talking things through, or exchanging written communications, will really help.
This week also sees a Mercury clash with Neptune. This is likely to see some of us (especially Geminis, Virgos, Pisceans or people with those signs rising – find out your rising sign at www.moonmessages.com/freechart) feeling a tad confused.
The best thing you can do is allow the week to unfold and avoid making any decisions you’re not ready to.
The other big astro event of the week takes place on Thursday but we will be feeling the lead up all week. It’s a clash between the Sun (ego) and Saturn (rules). In other words, if you feel hemmed in by someone or something, if you feel you’re being dictated to or it’s you that’s turned into a bit of a dictator, then b-r-e-a-t-h-e.
Remember we are in the waning cycle of the Moon which means it’s the time to allow things to fall away. Whatever isn’t working for you now, whatever or whoever is exhausting you, perhaps it’s time to just release.
Sometimes we just need to surrender to the Universe. That can mean letting go of what isn’t right in order to allow space for what is.
The easiest way I know to surrender is to chant these three Sanskrit words “Om Namo Narayani”. It means I surrender to the Divine, or more specifically, I surrender to the Divine Mother.