If you want change in one of your most important relationships, this is the week to live intentionally. That means getting very clear about what your intentions are within that relationship, for a start. Once you know what you want, you can work out practical steps regarding how to achieve your goal.

That might sound cut and dry or simplistic, but it really is how things work. Right now with sex and determination planet Mars moving into the partnership-oriented sign of Libra, followed by the New Moon taking place in the same sign, relationship issues are going to arise, since Libra is all about relating to others.

If you know any Librans, you know they are all about relationships, about finding a balance between what they want versus what you want. They are harmony seekers, usually conflict-averse, and often make great negotiators and diplomats.

So if you’re having an upset with someone this week, make like a Libran (if you don’t happen to be one). Be nice, be kind, smile, and look for an outcome that is going to be fair for everyone concerned.

And then when it comes to New Moon time, be sure to make some wishes about your relationships, personal and professional. If you only ‘use’ one New Moon a year to think about your relationships, make it this Libra New Moon.

Dig deep. Even if there is a relationship which has been troubled for as long as you can remember, look past your ego concerns. Feel the love in your heart and in the other person’s heart. Life is too short! We need to make our peace with as many people as we can, while we can, and there no better time to do it than at Libran New Moon time.

The Libra New Moon takes place on October 20 at 5.11am. If you wrote a New Moon wish list last month, check it out on the morning. Then make up to 10 wishes as soon as you can on the day, writing them down.