Do you consider yourself lucky? As not all that lucky? Do you believe you make your own good luck or maybe not even believe in luck at all?

This week, luck is front and centre as Jupiter, planet of good luck, improvements, largesse, justice and optimism, changes signs, moving from Libra into Scorpio for 12 months.

The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was from October 2005 to November 2006. Whatever in your life felt lucky or blessed then (‘lucky’ and ‘blessed’ are two very Jupiterian concepts) should feel lucky or blessed again, over the coming 12 months of this cycle.
Also, note that whatever started in your life between October 2005 to November 2006 (including any children you had) will now enjoy what’s called a Jupiter ‘return’. That means Jupiter will return to the spot where it was back then, heralding positive developments, causes for celebration – and very high expectations!

Read your weekly stars for more about what Jupiter into Scorpio means for you. If you know your Rising Sign, then read that for an even more accurate prediction.

The overall information to know about Jupiter is that it expands, bestows goodness and lightens things up. To see how Jupiter works, think about how the issue of marriage (very Libran) equality (very Libran) has become a bigger (Jupiter) issue during Jupiter’s time in relationship-oriented Libra.

Think also in particular of the plebiscite ‘yes’ campaign – bright colours, happy smiling people, the all-inclusive “love is love” motto. All very Jupiterian. The plebiscite’s was to discover what the majority consider is ‘just’ and ‘fair’ (very Jupiterian) and/or should be legal/illegal (Jupiter is also about legal matters) when it comes to marriage (Libra).

As Jupiter moves into deeply sensitive Water sign Scorpio, the focus will be on expanding (Jupiter) emotionally (Scorpio). Expect massive (Jupiter) transformations (Scorpio). Society will explore certain taboos; death, life-after-death, sex workers’ rights, euthanasia, sex trafficking, among others, will loom larger. Dark underbellies will be exposed and justice served. Hope can replace fear.