Over the past few weeks, as we moved through the second and final eclipse season of 2017, one thing became really obvious to me; as wonderful as the New Moon is for manifesting, it’s so important to tune into every Full Moon as well and to use it as a springboard for releasing any upsets.

This might not sound like much, but the more I’ve investigated over the course of the past decade, the more convinced I am that this process is crucial.

As it happens, this week brings a Full Moon in Pisces. It also brings the end of the latest Mercury retrograde cycle. We can make the two of these planetary events work in our favour.

Start by tuning into the end of the Mercury retrograde cycle by thinking back to the past (the past is very Mercury retrograde). Write down (here and now) three things you need to forgive yourself or someone else for. Whatever the issue, it can be from any time in the past.

Now, one by one, imagine the thing or the person involved in the situation wrapped in a pink misty cloud of happiness and love. Really. Do it, even if you’re imagining someone who really hurt you, who threw you off track, even someone who did something you feel is unforgivable.

If it helps, reframe whatever you happened as “it meant to happen to teach me the lessons it taught me”. Try to find some gratitude in your heart for the lessons you learned. Obviously some lessons are easier than others. Consider the idea that your soul needed to master this lesson. And release. Breathe out. Let go.

That is a perfect end of Mercury Retrograde/Full Moon exercise. Do it every day this week if you feel so inspired.
Full Moon work is crucial because it releases upset and negativity. That will boost your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. What more could anyone want?

The Full Moon takes place on Wednesday at 5.01pm.

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