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Hi and thank you for dropping by! This is the spot on the web where I will answer your questions for free, with pleasure. Some questions may also appear in my column in the UK magazine Chat It's Fate. Just leave your question in the form at the bottom of the page. Thanks! Yasmin x
My babies father is bipolar and made such a hash of the relationship the pregnancy and being a father. He now is not allowed to see his son and is facing prison. How will my son cope and what does the future hold. Are we just better off without him?

I'm sorry you've having such a rough ride at what should be a very special time. You have tough Saturn in your Love Zone on your birth-chart so you will learn nearly all your biggest life lessons via your most important relationships. Transiting Saturn is right on your love planet Venus now, too. That means more lessons about love! There is no simple answer. You have to be mature, think about your child and make decisions based on your experience so far. Your card, 10 of Coins, actually suggests you could end up having a beautifully stable family life. Good luck!
Recently my job was been made redundant and my relationship ended - I'm feeling free to do as I please. I've got a little, online business, an adventurous spirit and a keen romancer in America... do I travel the world with an open mind and discover new opportunities for my career (while doing my best to keep financially afloat), or should I squirrel away the money, stay home and concentrate on building the business and forging new roots?

I am loving your attitude to life! I say go with Plan A! Here is a card for you - let me see if it backs up that idea. What if Sonja goes off for an adventure, keeping one eye on her online business as she goes? You got: DREAMS (From Lucy Cavendish's Oracle of the Mermaids) - I am going to interpret that as FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! However the interpretation in the booklet also LISTEN TO YOUR DREAMS. What are they telling you? Yasmin x
I have an old school crush for school it's been over 10years and this weekend I saw him and I can't stop thinking about him day and night I keep fantersizing about him that we are together at his place and he's at mine he comes to my work place at all seems real will it come true and when

You have great love stars at the moment. You have Jupiter in your 7th house which is a rare event and a good indicator of marriage. However I drew you a card and you got the Devil which suggests you're very likely feeling a whole lot of lust for your crush. Will it come true? There is nothing to suggest it won't, if you reach out. However the card suggests it could be a purely physical connection. Note that you're actually at the start of a really important time for work, so make sure your professional dreams also get a look in. Yasmin x
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I really like this man. I've asked for signs and I see our initials on car registration plates & songs on the radio are how I'm feeling right now.Thank you from Sheena in Gloucester

I cast you a horary chart (an ancient divination method) and I'm afraid it's not looking too promising. He seems to be moving in a different direction to you. I also drew you a card and you got the King of Wands. This plus the horary chart suggests to me either the man you're dreaming of is leading you on a bit somehow, or that there is someone else better-suited to you in your future. Neptune in your Love Zone both inclines you to love fantasies now but also means you're well-placed to meet a true soulmate when the time is right.


Q: I'm trying to move on with my life after walking away from my toxic family 2.5 years ago. My daughter is 1, that's the hard bit. Screamed at last week my abusive Dad has 2 weeks to live the expectancy is I forget the years of physical and mental abuse from him & Mum, I unfortunately live along the road from them. I'm seeing a councelor who says constant triggers are what keep me ill. I want to move & start afresh, I'm 56, it's hard, I'm scared I'll crash completely with the stress, will I get peace from all this? & if so when? I wish I could see an end in sight
A: As 2018 dawn, the planet of hard lessons, Saturn, is finally moving out of your 4th House/Home Zone after a stay of two plus years. It sounds as though the situation you're facing has been going on for longer than that, however, Saturn here would almost certainly have brought the toughest times you've been facing with your family. Believe it or not, the answer for you now is to think about what you have learned about yourself as a person and also to forgive your parents. Your card, 2 of Coins, suggests you can manage all the burdens so have faith in yourself!

Q: My buirthday is on the 22nd July. Some years my birthday is Cancer and some years is Leo. I am new to this , i only started reading your book Moonology and i cannot out it down! My question is, do i read both horoscopes or shoul i just choose one?
A: Hi there - thanks for the note! You need to cast your chart to find out your sign www.moonmessages.com/freechart xo

Q: I feel lost, alone and unloveable my mum died in November we hadn't spoken for 9 years, my son hasn't spoken to me for 13 years and now my daughter has fallen out with me in March. I am single with very few friends and family. Is there any hope for the future for me?
A: You need to work out if these people are "falling out" with you because of the way you're being with them. If your Mum, son and daughter are or were all not happy with you, could you perhaps need to change something about the way you're communicating? Could they all be in the wrong? Sadly it's too late with your Mum, but don't let it drag out with your children. Ask yourself what you could do differently. Your card is 4 of Coins which suggests you could give more of yourself give more love to your kids and see what comes back!