Venus is going to have a big role in the 2017 Great Astrology Show. She will be going retrograde in March and April.

I say ‘she’ because Venus represents the indubitably She of Venus Aphrodite. I have really been feeling the Divine Feminine rising lately, have you?

I am going to get to get political, but I think Hillary’s shock nobbling and loss really galvanised a lot of women and made us realise how much work needs to be done!

Venus is all about that. She. Women. Feeling the Divine Feminine. So far in my life, Venus has come to me first as Mother Mary in Catholicism, now as Mahala Lakshmi and the Divine Mother. I also very strongly relate to and include Saraswati, the Goddess of language, and Durga, the Goddess with the power to destroy ignorance.

Venus in YOUR chart will come to you in different ways but it’s essentially YOU. Who YOU are as a woman. And if you’re a man reading this, think about the women in your life for a moment.

Venus is very easily summed up, as well, as romance and riches. They are two of the main parts of life She covers. Love and abundance. Well, the love and generosity of the Mother is endless, right?

The fact that Venus will go retrograde this year is interesting in many ways. It draws attention to women, this time around, it’s a lot to do with female drive and determination, as Venus retrogrades in Aries. Are we still feeling the power? What of our sisters in the Middle East who have fewer rights? Then Venus retrogrades back into healing Pisces. Hopefully for some salve!

On a really practical level… Venus retrograde is about re-evaluating. Get it? Venus is, among other things, about what we value, how we value, the people we value and the value we put on things.

So as Venus goes retrograde, we start to reconsider matters related to love and abundance.

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