FIRSTLY: Thank you for all the kind emails some of you sent me recently. And thanks for the tougher ones which taught me something!

So here we are. Just past the New Moon — have you made your wishes yet? I have. #justsaying

I’ve just been writing about the coming February eclipses and they do present a good opportunity to us all.

Here are the times … (here’s a link for more places on the Moon Times page).


Full Moon Eclipse at 23 Leo
SYDNEY: February 11, 11.32am
NEW YORK: February 10, 7.32pm
LONDON: February 11, 12.32am

New Moon Eclipse at 9 Pisces
SYDNEY: February 27, 1.58am
NEW YORK: February 26, 9.58am
LONDON: February 26, 2.58pm

First we will have the Full Moon in Leo and then we will have the New Moon in Pisces. Both eclipses and all we are getting this time around.

I am also going to be doing a New Moon workshop with the awesome Alternatives team in London on February 28. Details coming soon for anyone in the UK.

I am hoping to do my next Sydney talk in late May, hopefully in Bondi. We are looking into venues.

FYI I did a ton of visualising about doing talks as I actually love to do them even though they are quite intense and confronting! And now here I am doing lots of talks! The power of visualisation, get it?


So if you’re thinking about 2017 and what it might hold, may I humbly recommend my simple Horoscope Guide to 2017 and the excellent astrologer Sally Kirkman’s and the one by the excellent astrologers, the Astro Twins .. I hope to meet when I am over in NYC in a nervous fangirl way … Stay tuned. If I do meet them, I may Instagram it!


If you have any requests for eBooks and chart reports you would like to see, please reply to this email or let me know on Facebook – thanks again! 


My afore-mentioned plans for a second site are still in the works. The idea will be to separate Moonology from my other ‘stuff’ including horoscopes, so Moonology is a site for purist Moonologers who have no interest in anything else I have to say. I know there are plenty out there. It will become a pure information site with some Moon blogs. This Facebook page is more or less a pure feed on Moonology btw.

Best wishes,