What if I told you that there is a way to work with the New Moon to create the life you have always dreamed of? 

Well, there  is. How do I know? Because I have been doing it myself for 20 years and I’ve taught thousands of people to do it too.

It’s quite simple. At the time of the New Moon, you sit down with a pen and paper (no, it’s not the same tapping it out on your phone!) and write down your top ten New Moon wishes.

Why ten? Because it’s a manageable number. You write the wishes down and then you work out how you can work on manifesting them in the real world.

So it’s what you might call “practical magic”!

That’s a really important distinction – I don’t believe in just making a wish and expecting it to come true. SOMETIMES that works. But more often, we need to use the New Moon to

    1. Get clarity about what we want. Even just being clear on this sets the manifestation process rolling.


    1. To make the wishes – if you follow my instructions, you will see that it’s usually not as simple as just stating your wish – there is more to it and therein lies the secret!


    1. To work out HOW you can work towards your dreams. If there is absolutely nothing you can do to work towards making your wishes real, you may need to reframe them.


To get you started on all this and help you to start to see what magnificent powers you possess, I have created a free New Moon Wishing Guide which you can access here.

It’s very simple – it gives you some ideas for how to make wishes, and then some space to do it it! If you have my book Moonology, all the info is in there too – this is just an illustrated PDF version.

So go forth, wish, set intentions and make commitments and then see how your life will change! I truly believe you will be amazed at how your life will change if you start to commit to making New Moon wishes once a month. It’s a super powerful process!

>>> Click here to access your free New Moon Wishing Guide.