If you have my Moonology Diary, it’s time to use it!

We have a New Moon eclipse coming. So how to use the Diary to work out where the eclipse energy will be for you?

When I wrote the diary, I was really clear that I wanted to include this extra layer of information for people. However it’s a step beyond “newspaper astrology” so there is a teeny tiny learning curve.

So below is an explanation of how to get that extra layer of info about how each New and Full Moon of 2019 will affect you. There’s the written info or just go straight for the video “tutorial”!

How to work out where the New and Full Moons will be for you

1. Go to page 11 of the Moonology Diary
2. Checkout where it says www.moonmessages.com/houseschart
3. Get the PDF which is like a pre-written horoscope which you can refer to each month
4. Or use the Quick Guide to the Houses in the diary (shorter but still good)
5. Then refer to your sign or Rising Sign on The Month Ahead
6. Go back to page 11 and see what part of your chart is being triggered

Or just watch this!

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