Get the whole of the Moon

So many people these days know about the law of attraction and manifesting and the fact that we humans create our own reality, but they have NO idea how to make it work for them.

And that’s a problem. It’s like having a super-power which you can’t use. It means you can feel thrown around on the sea of life, buffeted unexpectedly and sent curveballs which you just didn’t see coming.

That’s why I wrote my book Moonology and it’s also why I created the New and Full Moon Info Sheets. They have been created to connect you to the Moon and to your sacred superpowers – which you probably always knew you had anyway.

My Moon Info Sheets will help you to work out what’s blocking you from manifesting and help you to overcome those challenges and start to manifest as clearly as a bell. You will use chakra work, chants and the Moon as your cosmic timer.

You’re probably wondering how much.

The two monthly sets are available in a monthly subscription for $12.99 except when they are on special…

What they are…

> They are partly illustrated info from my book Moonology (still at the top of the amazon astrology charts after nearly two years! Thank you!)

> And they are partly recordings of some of the most powerful mantras I use which I am delighted to share with you.

If you have my book, you probably don’t need the Moon Info Sheets, unless you want me to do all the working out for you and present it in a really easy to follow way!

Connect to the Moon, unleash your feminine powers. It really can happen but you have to try it and you have to DO it! With heart!

The Moon Info Sheets will help you to connect with the Moon over the course of a fortnight, a month, a year – subscribe to them for as long as they lift your practises and life, and raise your vibration.

If you dabbled in manifesting with mixed results, the missing secret ingredient that you needed to add to massively boost your success rate was probably … the Moon!

The secret to manifesting…

I believe the real secret is manifesting is to do it in accordance with the Moon’s cycle. Think about it. It make complete sense to tap into the ancient wisdom used by wise ones for hundreds or even thousands of years.

If you get in tune with the Moon, you can start to work with the magic of the lunar cycle. It’s that simple. You can start to set your intentions at the time of the New Moon, do special work at the Quarter Moon and do to gratitude and release work at the Full Moon.

You could say … Waxing cycle on. Waning cycle off.

It’s such an incredibly simple system that women and some men have used for thousands of years – we used it until the information was suppressed by people who didn’t want us in touch with our innate powers!

So now is the time! The info is out! Grab it here if you feel the call.

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