Jupiter in Scorpio, right?

It’s about the things we don’t want to talk about and how they can become the elephant in the room.

Which brings me to Harvey Weinstein. Literally his shadow side (Scorpio) is getting loads of publicity (Jupiter).

His dark side (Scorpio) is showing for the entire world to see (Jupiter). His blackness (Scorpio) has blown up bigtime (Jupiter)!

And what about the silence of the big name stars? So far so few have spoken out and when they have done, it’s to claim innocence.

Their silence is deafening.

Are we to wonder if these women and probably also some men actually knew and said nothing and were thus complicit in the scandal of what Weinstein has been doing all these years?

That would also be very Jupiter in Scorpio. That would be the shadow side of every woman everywhere who has ignored a hand on the butt or a grope or an outright proposition – or even gone with it – because of wanting to get ahead.

That is a dark side of women for sure, what we may or may not be willing to do, to succeed. We women complain about being sexualised and then use our sexuality to go up the ranks.

Yes or no?

No one is talking about it. Not really. So far all most have said is either “I stand with these women” or “I knew nothing and I am appalled.” Who can admit to having known? There’s the dark side right there.

Dark sides, Jungian shadows, depth psychology, taboos, occult matters, secret, paranoias and fears are going to be amplified under Jupiter in Scorpio and we had better all get used to it.

As Jupiter moves into deeply sensitive and mysterious, sometimes twisted Scorpio (we all have Scorpio somewhere in our chart), society will explore certain taboos including harassment and complicity.

Who in Hollywood will admit to having slept on the casting couch? Who is willing to lose their job, or an award, or a million dollars because some guy couldn’t keep his hands to himself and you are now required by ‘the sisterhood’ to blow the whistle on him?

That sounds extremely hard but it is most certainly one end of the spectrum. If I were an A list Hollywood star and he groped me, would I go to some sex complaints tribunal? Unlikely. Would I work with him again? I guess that would depend. His company was Miramax. Doesn’t get much bigger than that.

It’s a massive ethical dilemma, right? Or maybe not.

But questions like this WILL arise now as Jupiter moves through Scorpio.

I have worked twice in companies where there was unbelievable abuse from men to women. I said nothing because I didn’t know what else to do. I believed putting up with sh*t like that was part of what it took to make it as a cadet journalist. In another company, I had a boss who was far too familiar with me. I ignored it and kept working.

That all this is coming out now is a part of the Divine Feminine Rising. We need to talk about it.

Other dark Scorpio subjects set to loom larger now include death itself, life-after-death, sex workers’ rights, euthanasia, sex trafficking, among others.

Dark underbellies (Scorpio) will be exposed and justice served (Jupiter).

At very best, optimism can replace terror.

By the time Saturn rolls around to meet Pluto (the modern planet associated with Scorpio) in 2019/2020. we may even seen new laws being enacted because of what is happening now.

Here is what we know of Weinstein’s birthdata:

Born: March 19, 1952 (unknown birth time)

Sun: 29°02′ Pisces

Dominants: Pisces, Aries, Libra Saturn, Mercury, Neptune Water, Fire / Cardinal

Chinese Astrology: Water Dragon

Numerology: Birthpath 3

Make of it what you will. Without a birth-time, it’s hard to say very much. I wouldn’t mind betting though, you could rectify his chart to put Pluto on his Moon right now.

But for any one of us mere mortals being shady, good luck with that!