Here’s an idea to think about today while we are still in the New Moon phase…

Yesterday I mentioned that one of the over-arching themes for 2019 is learning about the Divine and how we create our own reality.

Today I want to give you a bit more info about that …

But first … click to download your New Moon Worksheet and Wishing guide.

So… back to the New Moon… Think about this, this month.

If you want a pizza, you create the right conditions to either go to a pizza parlour or use the phone/internet and order it. Before too long, you have a pizza.

You want to see a friend, you call them and you make a date.

You have a big presentation to make, you rehearse and you nail it.

You want to visit a country, you make it happen.

All this is manifesting in its own way. You want something, and you create it.

Once you start to understand this, you will start to see how we are all manifesting 24/7 consciously or unconsciously.

So we might as well do it consciously, right?

And you can go way beyond manifesting pizza. You just have to take the right steps – and they are usually baby steps.

P.S. If you want to order the New Moon Info Sheet for June, it’s here.

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