If you bought my book Moonology, I just want to say thank you!

I’ve been told by my publishers, the amazing Hay House, that it’s continuing to sell really well. I am so pleased to hear this.

I knew it started strong, as it went to #1 in the astrology best seller sections of amazon in the US and the UK and to #6 on the overall Booktopia charts down under which is huge, in my opinion!

The fact is it continuing to sell well (still at #1 in the astrology sections on amazon UK and USA when I looked earlier this week…)

I believe this is because more and more of us women are getting our connection to the cosmos and also realising that the Moon is just the most perfect and beautiful and reliable cosmic timer.

If we use it to tune in and also to get clarity, let go and move on and so on, it can be a really life-changing and a more and more enlightening practise. (So I have no problems recommending it to you but sorry if I go on about it too much!)

The book is the result of a combination of thinking about the Moon in all the signs and houses for nearly 20 years, some brilliant astro-editors’ input, and the brilliant Hay House editorial team.

I do very much yearn to really, really get the book out there! FYI I have no plans to write another one for some time, so please enjoy this one!

This link will magically take you to wherever you need to go in the world to buy Moonology.