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Get into your heart and body…

Just starting to think about the coming Solstice and the opposition that’s taking place around that time, between Venus and Mars. Venus being the feminine and Mars being the masculine. They are also hitting the karmic lunar nodes. Expect alchemy. Be playful with the opposite sex now. Be gentle and enjoy your sexual side however turns you on. Get into your heart and your body, both. If you have been too one or the other, even it up. And if you have been purely in your head, get into your body! Begin it now.

Your daily forecast

Did you get the memo about the importance of wishing today? Because if you didn’t here it is now; you just had the New Moon in your wishing zone a few days ago. It’s still very much the time for you to make your wishes known to the Universe. On my Hay House Radio show the other day, I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful NYC intuitive Laura Day. She says “A single wish creates powerful coincidences that provide the road map to your New Reality.” Word! You can hear the interview here – it kicks in after about 10 minutes.,

Have you got your New Moon worksheet?

I created a New Moon worksheet as a PDF for you to download for free and fill in so you can align yourself with the New Moon energies. It’s here!

Source: Leo

Source: Leo

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