Let it go!

This month’s Libra Moon is actually a time to detox. Why? Because like a lot of the New Moons lately, it’s making a connection to the planet of detox, Pluto.

In this case, because this New Moon is in Libra and Pluto is in Capricorn, it’s a clashing connection.

That suggests that if you’ve been putting off a detox, especially one related to a relationship, then the time has come to just do it.

Detoxes, of course, can take all sorts of shapes and forms. You can do a physical detox where you – for example – commit to eating only organic foods (ie also nothing at all processed) for a week, to give your body a break. Or you stop with the coffee or the alcohol, if you feel they don’t suit you, for an allotted time (or forever!)

However emotional detoxes and relationships detoxes are just as important to do and now is really an ideal time to do one.

How to do an emotional detox

With the New Moon in the partnership-oriented sign of Libra and clashing with Pluto this month, it’s the ideal time for an emotional detox – that much we know. But how to? Here are a few ideas:

1. Say sorry to someone you have hurt

2. Accept someone else’s apology

3. Be honest if you have been manipulative or controlling with someone

4. Drop a grudge – life really is too short

5. Send someone you fell out with love in your mind’s eye

6. Gently release a relationship which is no longer working for you

7. Be honest with someone about how you really feel

8. Cull your Facebook friends list of frenemies

9. Journal – express your emotions (get it?)

10. Have a really, really good cry!

Research has shown that the cells that carry emotions to the brain are also present in the immune system and impact the nervous and endocrine system.

Working with the New Moon and the Full Moon will change your life in amazing ways. Other people will think you’re just lucky but you will know the truth! Click here for the Moon Info Sheets – they can change your life!
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