Disseminating Moon into Scorpio: It’s is a good time to share your wisdom with others. What have you learned in the past weeks and even months? Can you pass it on? Over the past few weeks, you’ve been growing in wisdom and experience. Now is the time to share what you know with others. We’re now officially in the ‘waning’ phase. The Moon will appear to grow smaller every night between now and its disappearance at the time of the New Moon. It’s as though we have stepped through from one side of life to another. We’re through the door of the Full Moon and now we get to see what’s on the other side. Accept that you are where you are and it’s okay. Try to relax during this part of the cycle. If you’ve been doing the hard yards on manifesting your dreams in the fortnight between the New Moon and the Full Moon, you will have earned a break.

From my book Astrology.

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