Take a giant step into your power not this week, not tomorrow, not this afternoon but NOW. Make a list of your goals for the week and put the list somewhere you can see it.

One of the strongest messages to come through from the Hay House I Can Do It lectures I attended is that the power of our intention is OH so powerful.

I know that we all know this. But you have you noticed that it’s so easy to slip off the path?

Even in my line of work, which requires me to connect with the Universe pretty much every day in a soulful way before I write my Scopes, it’s easy to forget what magnificently powerful beings we all are.

And you know what that is? Because we are humans and have egos. As Wayne Dyer calls it the ego Edges God Out.

So seriously, join me in making a list of your plans and intentions for the week. Write the list out. Read it out and leave it where you can see it.

If you find yourself wasting time this week, ask yourself if what you’re doing is on your list of priorities or is advancing your aims.

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