A little lesson in how to make predictions for yourself (or anyone else) every month…

One of the most wonderful aspects of learning astrology is that you can read your own chart, rather than relying on other people to read it for you.

These days, with the advent of modern technology, it’s easier than ever to get into some DIY astrology.


In this post I am going to teach you how to work out where the monthly New Moon is taking place for you so you can start to make predictions for yourself.

It really is as easy as ABC 123 as you will see

Wherever the New Moon activates your chart from month to month is where you have a chance of a restart, where there is a lot of energy for the coming four weeks and where you have the chance for change as well as other opportunities.

Following the New Moon around your chart is one of the easiest ways to start to learn astrology and to make predictions for yourself.

If this is something you would like to do, first of all visit www.theastrologybook.com/freechart and enter your time, date and place of birth.

Then print out your chart!

FAQ: What if I don’t know my time of birth?

The time of birth is very important! The obvious thing to do first is talk to your parents, or perhaps an older sibling, and see what they can remember about your birth. No luck? Sometimes a hospital or birth certificate will contain the information you need. Alternatively, consult with an astrologer who specializes in ascertaining lost birth times, usually known as a rectification astrologer. He or she will note the big events in your life and using that information, piece together the most likely time of your birth. Alternatively, you can visit a kinesiologist, who will use a technique called muscle testing to tease out from you your exact time of birth.

Still don’t know it? Choose “Time Unknown” when you do your chart and you will get a sunrise chart which is still pretty good and most certainly better than nothing!


A. Read this list of the houses

Note that the chart you have printed out is divided into 12 segments and each segment on the chart you printed out has a number towards the centre of the chart. That shows you the 12 houses…

Each of the 12 astrological houses relates to a specific area of life.

A quick list of keywords for the 12 houses.

The 1st house: your appearance and image.

The 2nd house: cash, property and possessions; values.

The 3rd house: communications; siblings; neighbours; quick trips.

The 4th house: home and family, all things domestic.

The 5th house: romance; creativity; kids (your own or someone else’s); pursuit of pleasure; love affairs.

The 6th house: daily routines, including at work; your health; duty.

The 7th house: your lovers, your spouse and your ex; open enemies; any sort of partner, including business partners; cooperation and competition.

The 8th house: joint finances; credit cards; debts; sex; anything you consider taboo; inheritance; transformation.

The 9th house: study; travel; the Great Cosmic Quest; the internet; higher learning; religion; spirituality; dreams.

The 10th house: your career and ambitions; how you make your mark on the world: what you’re known for; your reputation.

The 11th house: friends; networks; social circles; hopes and wishes.

The 12th house: the deepest, darkest, most sensitive part of your chart. Your fears; your spirituality; self-undoing; withdrawal; secret or hidden enemies.

You need to know these symbols:

There is no getting around the fact that to learn the basics of astrology, you do also need to learn to identify what are called glyphs. That’s the astrological word for symbols – each sign and planet has a glyph and you need to learn to recognise these to read your chart. So here they are, above.

B. Look at your chart and locate the following symbols in the OUTERMOST circle

C. Look at these dates that’s when the New Moon will take place

These are the New Moon dates for the rest of 2017

New Moon Eclipse at 29 Leo
SYDNEY: August 22, 4.30am
NEW YORK: August 21, 2.30pm
LONDON: August 21, 7.30pm

New Moon at 28 Virgo
SYDNEY: September 20, 3.29pm
NEW YORK: September 20, 1.29am
LONDON: September 20, 6.29am

New Moon 27 Libra
SYDNEY: October 20, 6.12am
NEW YORK: October 19, 3.12pm
LONDON: October 19, 8.12pm

New Moon at 27 Scorpio
SYDNEY: November 18, 10.42pm
NEW YORK: November 18, 6.42am
LONDON: November 18, 11.42am

New Moon at 27 Sagittarius
SYDNEY: December 18, 5.30pm
NEW YORK: December 18, 1.30am
LONDON: December 18, 6.30am


It really is as easy as 1 2 3

Look at where the next New Moon (at the time of writing that’s the August New Moon in Leo) will be taking place in your chart.

To do this…

(1) For this month, check the Leo symbol in the picture above – it’s the one that looks like a lion’s tail … remember you  are looking at the OUTERMOST circle – don’t confuse the Leo symbol in the OUTERMOST circle with the slightly different symbol for the North Node which is not in the outermost circle…

(2) Find that in your chart and see which house it corresponds with – so which house number from 1 – 12 is in the same section on your chart as the symbol for Leo

(3) Read the quick list of keywords for the 12 houses above and hey presto! You know where the next New Moon will be taking place for you – which part of your life you’re getting a restart in and where the focus of the month will be for you. You also know the opportunities opening up to you and where you can make changes if you need to.

Want a hand? My monthly New Moon Info Sheets will do all the hard work for you – they are here