New Moon in Pisces  …

Your guide to the top 5 things to do at the time of the New Moon in Pisces.

New Moon on March 18 (Sydney) at 27 Pisces
New Moon Details:
SYDNEY: March 18, 12.11am
NEW YORK: March 17, 9.11am
LONDON: March 17, 1.11pm

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If you plan your life by the New Moon, you will find you’re in the flow of life. Note that the advice in the guide applies to all of us, regardless of our personal astrology.

The reason is, this is a lunation – in this case a New Moon – in a particular sign, and it therefore has a flavour of its own, no matter which star sign or rising sign we are.

The idea is to connect with all 12 New Moons so you work magic in pretty much every part of your life: the New Moon and the Laws of Attraction and Intention make excellent bedfellows.

1. Dream…

Ah, the lovely dreamy place that is Pisces! This is the home of dreams, mystical matters and compassion. Think about what you’re thinking about. Think about what you’re dreaming about. Are you using your imagination for good – that means to attract all that you want? This is the New Moon when you can work on releasing fear.

2. Face your fears

The New Moon in Pisces is also about secrets, and sometimes about lies. It’s about the things we don’t want to admit to ourselves or anyone else. Do an inventory of your fears at the time of this New Moon and you could find yourself liberating yourself of some of your fears. These spineless little critters often run in the opposite direction when they’re confronted head on, and now is the time to do that.

3. Get cosmic!

Because of all the mystical energy around when the Pisces energy is so strong, it’s a wonderful time to work on your intuitive skills. Make a note of your hunches and see what transpires. Play around with Tarot or Archangel cards and test your results.

4. Heal

If you’re suffering emotionally or spiritually, note that there’s extra easy access to healing energies when the New Moon in Pisces takes place. The sign is strongly associated with Neptune, a planet that has the power to take ethereal shreds of an idea and turn them into daydreams – and as we all know, daydreams can come true, thanks to the Law of Attraction. If you need spiritual healing, seek out a healer. Ask friends for a recommendation. Also make a list of what ‘being healed’ would entail for you, and see it happening – then tick things off as they come to pass.

5. Surrender

Note that Pisces is about dreams, so write down your dreams this month. What do you want? What are your fantasies, sexual or otherwise? Seek bliss. Surrender to the Universe and trust that what you need is what’s happening. Practising yoga and other spiritual activities is highly recommended around the time of the Pisces New Moon (and beyond). This is the time to access your higher self: the part of you that knows you’re connected to all life everywhere.

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