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This month’s cosmic dates…

7 Aug 2017 Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius
15 Aug 2017 Third Quarter Moon in Taurus
21 Aug 2017 New Moon eclipse in Leo
29 Aug 2017 First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Moonscope Message

Read your Rising Sign if you know it, for a more accurate reading

Aries – it’s well and truly time for you to have more fun. Even if you have to work hard, use a relaxation technique after work so that you can actually enjoy life!

Taurus – you’re supported you re finding a new place to live, someone new to live with. Or expect a restart with someone in your family or a flatmate.

Gemini – yes life has been tough for you these past few years but the double Leo New Moon action now is reminding you that attitude is everything. Expect the best.

Cancer – you could find that August brings you a new and much improved financial cycle. (This is less about winning money and more about earning it with hard graft.)

Leo – here comes the second New Moon in your sign in a row. You have an amazing chance to make over your whole life – don’t waste it, don’t dream it – do it! Be bold.

Virgo – are you feeling stirrings of spiritual rebirth in your life? If so, go with those feelings – they are pointing you in the right direction. Spirit is calling you!

Libra – want to make some new friends? You are moving into a powerful new cycle which will see you meeting a whole lot of new people you could love long time!

Scorpio – the second Leo New Moon in a row charges up your 10th House of Career – in other words, if you have worldly ambitions, this is the time to JUST GO FOR IT!

Sagittarius – with all your hard work of late, no one can blame you if you want to plan a trip to get away from it all. That, or a new course of study, is now extra likely.

Capricorn – the double Leo New Moon is in your House of Sex and Money. So if you want changes to do with sex or money, this is the time to take affirmative action!

Aquarius – for the second month in a row, the New Moon’s in your Love Zone. If your love life is in need of some excitement, give it. Single but don’t want to be? Mingle!

Pisces – your daily routines are about to change. Think about how they could work better for you and start to make the changes for the good of your health/soul.

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