First, this month’s cosmic dates…

6 Sep 2017      Full Moon in Pisces – click here for your FREE Full Moon Forgiveness Kit

13 Sep 2017    Third Quarter Moon in Gemini

20 Sep 2017    New Moon in Virgo – click here for your FREE New Moon Wishing Kit

28 Sep 2017    First Quarter Moon in Capricorn


Aries – this month, seek a balance between all the things you have to do to keep your life and work ticking over, versus what you need to do for the good of your soul!

Taurus – let’s hope you’re in the mood to go out and show yourself off. It’s a super social time for you now. Focus on the friends you get on best with.

Gemini – your big challenge this month is to find a balance between your home and work lives. If your love life is too demanding, your energy and successes at work could flag.

Cancer – you’ll be super busy in September. Expect to be involved with inspiring or somehow healing study, travelling and publishing ventures. Bless all that’s great in your life.

Leo – there is change forecast for you in every part of your life, and that includes financial change, which is extra possible now too. Decide what you want and go for it.

Virgo – the New Moon in your sign and the Full Moon in your Love Zone this month herald some glorious and potentially massive developments in your life, at work and at home.

Libra – it’s good for you to lay low around this time of year. Work on your spiritual side, and  through fears, and take care of your health, to profit from September’s lunar energies.

Scorpio – you could make an amazing new friend or even get introduced to a whole new gang of folk, who become ‘your’ people. Also, make a wish. It’s extra likely to manifest.

Sagittarius – there is a massive surge of energy going on in your Home and Work Zones. Find a way to balance your life and you should be able to avoid burnout.

Capricorn – do you dream of 1. Running away from it all 2. Publishing a book 3. Studying something? If any of these apply, you have all the moonological support you need now!

Aquarius – there is change forecast for you when it comes to cash this month, thanks to the New Moon and the Full Moon in your Money Zones. Visualise your goals.

Pisces – there is a Full Moon in your sign … a crystal clear omen you need to process your emotions about the past if your future is to be healthy.

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