Saturday March 18 2017

Are you feeling extra emotional?

Disseminating Moon into Sagittarius: VENUS RETROGRADE WEEK: Right now we have some very strong emotional energies swirling around as the planet of romance and love, Venus, goes through a rare retrograde cycle.

This is the reason why so many people are feeling their feelings SO strongly right now. It’s also why so many people are looking back over their loves and wondering if they made the right choices.

Venus retrograde is when exes come out of the closet and we all get a chance to really think about what really matters to us.

If you’re not living in accordance with what you really value, then it’s a time to pivot and change your way of life, agreed?

And Venus retrograde is the time to do it. I promised some time ago to create a free Venus retrograde course. I am in the processing of being about to give up on uploading it to Udemy as I had hoped (where I also have a longer, paid version) but you can most certainly sign up for it here.

All these love topics and more are discussed in it over three short videos which could start to move you in a new relationship direction.

If you’re thinking back to past lovers and friends, you’re feeling Venus retrograde. If you wondering who you are as a friend, or who people are to you, and thinking about who you love or you don’t love or you used to love, you’re feeling it.

Being conscious of the energies is the first step to actually working with them.
If you want to know more, I invite you to join the hundreds of people who have already signed up for free for my 5- part video course (to be sent to you via email) here.

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