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Goddess Hathor

Moon into Taurus: I’ve been reading a lot about the Goddess Hathor of late. I find her to be very fascinating, not least because she is associated with the sign of Taurus and I have strong Taurean energy in my chart, plus she is one of the Goddesses most strongly associated with astrology, and as you might have noticed, I also have astrology quite strong in my chart! Boom-Boom!

Hathor is a powerful Mother Goddess, noted for the cow-like horns on her headdress. From Because her worship stretches back to pre-dynastic times, we find Hathor identified with many local Goddesses, and it can be said that all the Goddesses were forms of Hathor.

At times we find her playing the role of a Sky-Goddess, a Sun-Goddess, a Moon-Goddess, a Goddess of the East, a Goddess of the West, a Goddess of Moisture, a Goddess of Fertility, an Agricultural Goddess, and a Goddess of the Underworld. Go Hathor!

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