Connect with the Archangels at every New Moon

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Do you love angels and astrology? Then this New Moon Angel eDiary for 2017 could be the answer to your dreams or your prayers! 

This guide gives you information about every New Moon in 2017, which Archangel will be guiding it, information about the Archangels and about how the New Moon will affect your chart. Think of this guide as your key to connecting with the angels every month! 


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What This Guide Has to Offer

The NEW MOON ANGEL DIARY contains everything you could want to know about how to connect with the angels at the time of every 2017 New Moon.


You will find the New Moon times around the world listed at the front of the eBook in an easy at-a-glance format. This could be a page to print out!


Every month, the New Moon takes place in one of the 12 astrological signs - you can find out well in advance which sign the New Moon is in each month


Every month you will read which Archangel works with the sign that the New Moon is in - plus you will learn a little about that Archangel


Every Archangel has certain specialities that they can help us with - you will find all this information in the New Moon Angel Diary in a handy list


As well as discovering which Archangel is guiding which New Moon, you will also learn which part of your chart the New Moon is taking place in and what that means for you


All in all, my hope is that you will use the 2017 New Moon Angel Diary as a way to connect every single month to at least one of the beautiful Archangels who are here to help us humans! 

“Astrology is a trustworthy pathway to self-discovery for all. Through astrology, you can understand your personality, relationships, moods, energy cycles, and even your life-purpose. Astrology is aligned with all religious and spiritual paths, as it’s a time-honored tradition for unlocking your Book of Life.

- Doreen Virtue and Yasmin Boland - Angel Astrology 101

About The New Moon Angel Diary Author

“My name is Yasmin Boland and I'm an astrologer and moonologer. 

In 2007, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend an Angel Therapy workshop with Doreen Virtue. I knew straight away that I wanted to work with angels and astrology. 

In 2013, this dream became a reality when I co-authored amazon best-selling book Angel Astrology 101 with Doreen!  

Since then, the angels have made it very clear to me in their messages that they want me to continue this work. This New Moon Angel Diary is my first offering..."

— Yasmin Boland 

How To Make Your New Moon Wishes Come True!

Are you one of the lucky people who already knows you are forward-creating your own life? In that case, you would do well to harness the New Moon energies every month. 

This diary will let you know when the New Moon takes place every month andwhich angel is guiding it. Think of this guide as your key to manifesting your dream life with angelic help.

100% Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

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