Here's How To Work With The New Moon Energies And Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

Days to the next New Moon


How to make the most of the New Moon every month... 

The New Moon is the time to make your wishes, set your intentions and commit to doing whatever it's going to take to make your dreams real!

Here’s a quick, easy-to-use summary of the New Moon wishing process: 

1. Write down your top 10 wishes for the month. 

2. Visualize and feel your wishes in your body. Write down an affi rmation to support them. 

3. Write down how you intend to work towards making each wish happen. 

4. Meditate, and then release attachment to your wishes by saying For the good of all or not at all! and/or Om Namo Narayani.

That's the basic info - but if you want to work with the New Moon Info Sheets + Manfesting Kit worksheets, read on...

Work with the New Moon ...

Attention Moonlogy lovers!

Nearly all the information in the New Moon Info Sheets and MUCH more can now be found in my best-selling Hay House book MOONOLOGY working with the magic of the lunar cycles. 

The New Moon Info Sheets are right for anyone who prefers to have this information:

1. Worked out for them 

2. Presented in a beautifully-illustrated PDF report 

3. To access some basic work-book-style features

Are You Worried You'll Never Be Able To Create The Life Your Soul Is Craving?

That's a very normal and common fear! 


The trouble is the most people are too busy to take the time they need to really connect with their inner deliberate manifestor.

So month after month goes by, and still your dreams are just ... dreams.

You feel adrift, like you're actually somehow powerless (even though deep down you know you're not!)

Happily there is a really easy way to manifest the life you're dreaming of. And when I say I easy, I mean easy!

So if you're not where you want to be with your life or you just don't know what to do next, please allow me to show you how to take your dreams and make wishes and set intentions from the heart that will manifest in incredible ways you will hardly believe.

How do I know this is possible. Because I have been teaching this process for 15 years and have seen it work many, many times over in my life and the life of my friends, family and my beloved readers.

I have also seen people fall off the wishing wagon. That's when things can fall apart as fear takes over. 

The New Moon Info Sheets can stop that from happening. They brief you on where to focus for the month until the next Full Moon. 

Focus your intentions like proverbial rockets of desire.

I'm a very private person but I can tell you, I have manifested my dreams coming true. This is not some special power. We all do it. 

Think about when you have really wanted something. You feel it viscerally. Or 'in the body' as the late, great Wayne Dyer put it.

All my life I dreamed of running away from Tasmania to Paris. In the end I did. I went for a week's holiday, arriving on the night of a New Moon. I went directly to the Eiffel Tower and sent my wishes out with passion - I totally felt them in my body and they went all the way up the spire and into the Universe. 

I wished to live in Paris. I ended up living there for two and a half years and making life- long heart connections with the Ciy of Light.

What do you dream of? That is the question


Before we go any further, please dimiss any ideas that you know 'all this stuff!' 


... even if you have read The Secret and you know about the Law of Attraction... 


Using the Moon as a cosmic timer for your dreams really is something else. 


So open your mind and you will open up to the amazing cosmic forces gathering right now as you read this, wanting OH so much to help you to make your dreams come true. 


Like me, they want you to see that yourself for the truly powerful being you really are. 

I have been New Moon wishing since around the year 2000 and the more years that go by, the more powerful I see we humans are, and the more powerful I realise this process is!

But wait, there's more! 

As well as being reminded how to harness the New Moon magic with your manifesing, The New Moon Info Sheets also offer you a comprehesive New Moon Guide to help you connect with La Luna:

1. A guide to the sign that the New Moon is in - I've added this by popular demand. It should have been in there before! The sign the New Moon is in gives you clear ideas about the best way to harness the magic of the lunar cycle. If you work with the energies of the New Moon throughout the year you will have worked on all the parts of your life - and that alone is going to make you a better manifestor and a happier person! 

2. You also get a guide to which astrological House the New Moon is in on your natal horoscope or by your star sign. This is slightly more advanced but it's been very simplified here. Wherever the New Moon is taking place in your chart (eg your Love Zone or your Cash Zone) is where the energies are extra strong that month. If you focus on setting intentions for that part of your chart, you will find it even easier to commit to doing whatever it'll take to make your dreams come true.

These might seem less exciting than manifesting your perfect life but trust me. If you can get into the rhythms of the planets in general and the Moon in particular and you take note of the New and Full Moons, you really will change your life.

Here's everything you get when you download the New Moon Info Sheets + Manifesting Kit:

1. The New Moon times around the world so you can time your wishes and setting of intentions 

2. Information about which sign the New Moon is in and what means in general (this info has been added by popular request, thanks for the feedback!) 

3. More personal information based on your sign or Rising Sign about how the New Moon is triggering your personal or solar chart this month - ie which Houses it's taking place in and if that is good for your love life or your finances or your working life or you travel and study prospects and so on. 

4. You will also get all the 'Cosmic Extras' information about which chakras, Archangel and Goddess to work with - and more! 

5. Plus you get printer-friendly worksheets for you to use to set your intentions and make your New Moon wishes and commitments for the month ahead.


If you can believe it, you can conceive it

And the New Moon Info Sheets + Manifesting Kit will help you to believe it...

Choose your Star Sign if you don't know your Rising Sign - if you know your Rising Sign, choose that!



When we do New Moon Wishing, we tap into what Deepak Chopra calls "the fifth law, the Law of Intentions and Desire". 


When you align with the New Moon to make your wishes or set your intention, you are activating this law which states "the future is created in the present". 

There are lots of very clever people around who might try and argue again astrology (@profbriancox I am looking at you!) but even they would surely agree with this concept. I think that the New Moon is a really wonderful marker which comes like clockwork once a month to remind us that it's time to get back in alignment with our desires and intentions. 

Deepak suggests that to access our ability to create anything we desire. We have to 'slip into the gap' and 'release our intentions and desires'. Keep the intention but release the outcome and trust. I say do it as often as you can but even if you only do it fully and robustly on the night of the New Moon, then that's more than a start. 

Get in touch with what you want and then release attachment to it via meditation or even simple chanting of a mantra such as Om Shakti. 

FAQ: What if if you don't know what you want? In 1999 I interviewed Deepak Chopra (I had three literally life-changing hours with him in his office in La Jolla) One of the things he recommended for us all to do was walking around saying ""What do I want?" as often as possible. He said by doing that we get clear about our desires. And obviously once we are clear on those we are half-way to manifesting them.

I followed him advice. It's a great process and it really works. 

I would also recommend meditating on and/or even praying to whatever Higher Power you're into asking for guidence about your soul's intents and desires... Ask to connect with your life purpose, so that you can light up! We all have a life's purpose. 


About the author... 

Yasmin Boland is that she is one of the most widely-read astrology writers on the planet. A former journalist, she heard her calling to write at about age 6 and the call to write about the stars quite a few years later, in 1999. 


She started her site www.moonology.com because first and foremost, her astrological interest is in the waxing and the waning of the Moon. 


Yasmin says: "These short but sweet New Moon Guides will help you to get attuned to the natural planetary rhythms. And doing that will help you tap into success. It's about doing the right thing at the right time..."

Order and complete your New Moon Info Sheet + Manifesting Kit here and potentially change your day, week, month, year or life!

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